Sunday, 16 December 2012

Reservations–Can sky be the limit?

Mayawati[1]Reservation in promotions was the issue on which the Parliament of the country was in a total pandemonium continuously for days together. Reservations for whom? Is it not for the people who have already enjoyed its fruits for the last sixty years, many of whom have become high income islanders by now with sumptuously rich pockets of wealth amongst their family members? Reservation on jobs is already there continuing for more than six decades extending the benefit to backward communities including S/Cs and S/Ts. As if this is not enough, and there is a demand that reservation of the type like this be extended in the matters of promotional opportunities. Proposal so mooted out by Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati in the Parliament got endorsed by Bhartiya Janta Party with the condition that efficiency aspect be given the due weightage. What does it actually mean? Efficiency is not just the physical efficiency meant for an acrobatics or a wrestling bout, it is more a matter of mental capacity which forms the merit element. Let there be some reservation on merit itself if it is within the reach of the political biggies. Merit is a divine factor, it just can’t be procured through some legislation or enactment. Compromising merit means compromising developmental activities. Developmental activities, if compromised, lead to a situation where the country goes to dogs, and entire progress is doomed. The clamour and any hue and cry for further reservation is bound to create an irreparable gulf amongst the different communities which are innumerable in India. Such a cry is completely outmoded in the context of unity and unanimity on various issues confronting the country. Any reservation beyond what is already there is most unwanted. Right of equality in fact demands that even the existing one also be reviewed applying all the benefits equitably to all the communities in the country. I request the readers to also peruse the contents of the link given below:


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