Sunday, 30 December 2012

Use of heater in a closed room is a big health hazard!

There are certain very trivial areas which people don’t realise in their day today life, and these are the aspects which are very much related to the routine of the persons in general. One such instance is the use of heater in the winter when it is too cold like it is these days in North India. People use heaters to brow beat the chilly weather and, with a view to ensuring that the hot currents of it don’t go outside the room so that its effect is not reduced, they keep the concerned room tightly closed. Such a practice disallows a consumer the necessary oxygen intake which may result into a serious health hazard, as in the absence of the required oxygen in the room becomes a cause of suffocation. There are instances when the persons concerned died on this count. Just a simple precaution as suggested above may very well save the lives.

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