Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Let us admire Aditya, a 5 year old to swim across Yamuna!

A child aged hardly 5 years normally prefers to cling to his parents lap or keep around it or at the most play some child like games within the precincts of the house hold. Aditya of Allahabad proved himself to be an exception. He was courageous and strong enough to swim across the violent river Yamuna from Naini to Saraswati Ghat covering a water level distance of 900 metres. He has earned a prize for it. Aditya Chatterjee is the son of Subrat Chatterjee, who himself has been an outstanding swimmer securing a place in the Limca Book for his extra ordinary performance in swimming. Aditya is a worthy son of worthy father and the blood of a grand swimmer runs in his veins. He is sure to some day establish a record in swimming for himself illuminating not only the name of Allahabad, the city which he belongs to, but the country as a whole. We are proud of Aditya, and whole heartedly wish you to secure sumptuous laurels for you in days to come.

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