Thursday, 20 December 2012

Incentives for pregnant women–What does it mean?

Motherhood is a bliss and naturally so is for the women to get pregnant. It is something what a woman cherishes most. It’s, in a way, a divine ecstasy. But this very phenomenon, when read in the context of an explosive population growth in India, turns out to be a problematic area. Promoting health care awareness and offering incentives in that context is quite noble a gesture on the part of the concerned people in governance, but this has to be parallely followed by necessary measures on the front of awe-fully growing population scenario in India. Such a growth has already gone out of proportions and, if not timely checked, this menace is most likely to go out of control.

Some I.T. industries in Bangalore (India) recently came out with sumptuous incentives to the pregnant women workers in their organisations providing them transport till such time the pregnancy continues plus additional health care provisions including some cash incentives. Well done, but what about curbing the population growth? Some positive measures on that count are urgently warranted.

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