Friday, 31 January 2014

ATMs in banks are now MayBank ATMs:

There are rapid improvements in the mode of cashless banking and with that purpose in view different banks in the country are resorting to remodelling their ATMs. These ATMs are now to work as MayBank ATMs attending to the need of deposits being made through them. Obviously with such a device having been added to the current machines this is surely to make the banking transactions more feasible for the customers. They may now have not to face the hardships of standing in the queue for hours together in different branches of various banks waiting for their turn to make deposits through their cheques. Similar arguments were given earlier when the automated teller machines were introduced but it didn’t result into reduction of the queues in the bank and may be the addition of cheque deposit machine (CDM) to existing ATMs does not procure the desired results. The reasons are obvious as the bankers are reducing their staff component day by day instead of recruiting new employees in the requisite manner. It is just utopian to think that machines may altogether replace the workforce. Machines are okay but to make them more compatible to the needs of the customers it is but essential that their intake be increased instead of slashing down the staff strength. Sufficient increase in workforce coupled with modernised machines may serve the interest of the customers in a bigger measure.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Share market moving into negative territories:

Alarming it is but true that share market in the country is passing through a crisis –crisis of uncertainty. Fluctuations are never a new thing in the share market but the way they are occurring these days are quite negative in their signals. When Raghuram Rajan took over as a new Governor of Reserve Bank the business community pinned their hopes that the situation would go for the better. Initially it did and a considerable check was put on alarmingly rising dollar against rupee but it didn’t last long and lately it is observed that the trend of dollar rising higher against rupee is again continuing unabated. The inter currency level in several other countries also is having an adverse trend. Many a share market experts had predicted for today that the market would have a positive movement with minus factors aside; it did not happen and Sensex ended in minus figure at -23.94 with Nifty closing at -9.60. Many a shares have suffered a great setback. Chances are that the market may go further adverse in days to come unless some miracle takes place to set the adverse trend suitably arrested.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nano’s new version:

It was too slump a market in relation to auto vehicles during the last quarter of the last year 2013. Manufacturers are giving a neck to neck fight to their competitors in the market. Tough competition is always useful for improved products pouring in the market and there are several versions of new car models available to the customers mainly those who have a fancy for new products. Much talked about ‘Nano’ of Tata which was given a hyper publicity for being cheapest four wheeler in the world too has come out with a revised version. There is nothing like much of an improvement in the revised model except that it may have a power steering. It may cost 2 lakhs+ as against its current version (base model) which stands priced at 1.47 lakhs. Nano was given a grand welcome by the customers for the reason that it was publicised as the cheapest one which later did not prove to be a fact as cost was considerably enhanced after it was launched. Be it Tata or any other manufacturer, there is none to compromise their profit with the result that cost continues growing higher. The enthusiasts for a cheaply priced a car are yet to wait for some one who brings out a cheaper model compatible to the people in lower income group.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Father of Nation belittled:

Be it any person or some particular forum, they are known the way they behave. Their conduct is their face. Supporters of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party staged a dharna at Phool Bagh, Kanpur (U.P.,India) coinciding it with the dharna and demonstration conducted by Kejriwal himself the Chief Minister of Delhi at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, against the policies of the Government of India. The venue chosen for the purpose at Kanpur was the platform of Mahatma Gandhi’s large statue at Phool Bagh. As a mark of respect for the father of Nation, people visiting there invariably go barefooted. They too removed their shoes as a ritual but the very huge heap of theirs fully encircled the statue itself. When pointed out by the media persons present there, the supporters of AAP did realise the lapse on their part denying that there was any intention to show any disrespect to Bapu, the father of Nation. That is how people in politics behave. The damage was already caused and no amount of any kind of realisation could undo it. There is a large number of political parties in the country and they quite often select Gandhi’s statue as the convenient ground for staging their dharnas and rallies with an attempt to spread a message to the public as if they were in the same spirit as Gandhi’s satyagrah was. Imitation of the type like this is a sheer hypocrisy as a Messiah of his stature is born once in thousands of years and is much beyond any copying. Even a slightest possible attempt to show him any disrespect is not pardonable and must be condemned outright

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Some respite against soaring prices:

Visibly there is some respite in regard to prices of eatables and vegetables in the market. Though too frugal and in a limited measure it does give some relief to the otherwise hard pressed consumers. No body knows whether it has to last for some time at least or is just a part of the casual nature of the markets in the absence of any tangible economy moves on the part of the Indian government. It is actually never lasting when some slashing down in prices takes place in the market in the absence of concrete measures for the purpose on the part of the government both at the level of Centre or those in different States. Such measures are no where visible which factor is denotative of the fact that the current respite is only of casual nature and is not to last long. May be such casual repeats are there again from time to time as this is the year of general elections in the country but chances are that nothing tangible is going to emerge and what is being seen now is momentary and nothing more than a dodge.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nirbheek (fearless) to help the women:

Field Gun Factory of Kanpur (U.P.,India) has since developed a light weight revolver which can more compatibly be used by the women to defend themselves whenever their security is involved. The revolver is given the name as ‘Nirbheek’  which means fearless. This part is alright and the efforts made by the Field Gun Factory are laudable as they have been able to provide a handy tool as a small revolver to be used by the ladies whenever their security is in danger. This is supposed to be more useful when some rowdy element or the one who is the perpetrator of an act like rape tries to make some woman a victim of his sordid desires. But the main question is whether the ladies can really make use of the tiny pistol in the absence of any training to them for the purpose. Field Gun Factory have done their job and now it is for the security channels of administration to ensure that they make the requisite arrangements for imparting necessary training to the women for suitably handling the weapon failing which the very tool of security may not prove to be result oriented.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Cost for even minor most relaxations:

Automated Teller Machines installed by various banks in different locations extended necessary facilitation to the consumers in a better way, and more than that they saved much of money to the concerned bankers which they had to otherwise spend on managing those payment across the counters in their branches. Customers had every reason to feel a sigh of relief in getting their payments through the ATMs without waiting for their turn standing in the long queues in the branches. Now this small relaxation to the consumers is being made a costly affairs as it has since been decided by the Indian Banks Association (IBA) to levy a charge on withdrawals if they exceed a prescribed number of transactions. The reason given by the Chairperson of State Bank of India, Arundhati Bhattacharya, is that ATMs are giving losses to the Bank on account of which this service is not financially feasible, hence some charge is the must. This is too false an argument as these machines are in fact saving lot of money for the bankers which they might have had to spend in engaging a bigger number of staff to handle the pressure of customers rush. This is an era when there is extra charge for every thing and for that reason even the smallest possible service through ATMs too is not being allowed free of some direct charge. After all it is the customer who has to suffer. Bank like State Bank of India is regular in incurring losses on account of their erratic way of handling the transactions and a lavish way of expenditure in unproductive areas and not because of some relaxation or the other to its customers.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Whom to rely upon?

The well known Yog Guru Baba Remdev is regarded by his disciples and even others as a crusader against corruption and black money in India. It is a different matter that he himself is running an empire of business in indigenous medicines and is involved in several cases against him being investigated by CBI and various other agencies in the country. He is a Yogi turned politician now practicing more of politics than Yoga. There are many a controversies surrounding him in relation to his products as from Patanjali. One of the latest products from the Patanjali medical centre is a Chawanprash with composition of 51 herbs as per various ads released in relation to that. A consumer checked the very label of the Chawanprash container and there he found the mention of only 37 herbs. Since the market is flooded with the new brand as such it just can’t be construed to be an omission and if it was something deliberate it amounts to a manipulation bordering a fraud. People trust Baba Ramdev but if he too is found involved in any malicious deal, the very question that arises is as to who could be the people to be trusted upon. The matter is under investigation and the truth will come out after it is finalised.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Television may even cost life:

How funny? There are television enthusiasts who have a fancy to copy every thing they see on a TV or some movie in a picture hall. There is a story published by the media that there were two boys who saw a hanging scene as a part of some picture on TV. The horror sort of the scene left a deep impression on their mind and they decided to go for a rehearsal of the same themselves. One of them offered to play the role of the man to be hanged and the other one opted to act as the Jallad (hangman). They faulted in playing their roles with the result that the boy who was doing rehearsal of the man to be hanged got really hanged in the process as the mock executioner had too tightly tied the noose around the neck of the other boy and it failed to open at the last moment. More than the boys, necessary precaution in fact might have been exercised by their guardians in the household as the growing adolescents are not supposed to be cautious enough against their activities of adventurism.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Is there still any thing like a local market?

In our school days we used to be taught the definition of a local market in economics defining it as a factor to determine the prices. The concept was that commodities in a local market were supposed to cost comparatively lesser as there was not much of any transportation charges involved. In a way there were not much of fluctuations causing rise and fall in prices locally. Now the whole country, or say even the world as a whole, is a sort of a local market because of technological developments both in the areas of communication and transportation. If rates of onion, garlic and potatoes go high in New Delhi they have their full impact in Kanpur and Lucknow. If we talk of the share  market, the rise and fall of share index gets quite affected in Mumbai if there are any bigger changes in trend both upward and downward in Singapore or even in USA. Practically speaking there is now nothing like a local market, the whole country, nay the whole world, is like one composite market affecting the economy of different countries uniformly quite often.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Emerge as it does from the very core of my heart, I committedly and solemnly wish a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the readers, followers, visitors and well wishers of this blog all over the world. I wish all of them peace, felicity and prosperity.