Friday, 31 January 2014

ATMs in banks are now MayBank ATMs:

There are rapid improvements in the mode of cashless banking and with that purpose in view different banks in the country are resorting to remodelling their ATMs. These ATMs are now to work as MayBank ATMs attending to the need of deposits being made through them. Obviously with such a device having been added to the current machines this is surely to make the banking transactions more feasible for the customers. They may now have not to face the hardships of standing in the queue for hours together in different branches of various banks waiting for their turn to make deposits through their cheques. Similar arguments were given earlier when the automated teller machines were introduced but it didn’t result into reduction of the queues in the bank and may be the addition of cheque deposit machine (CDM) to existing ATMs does not procure the desired results. The reasons are obvious as the bankers are reducing their staff component day by day instead of recruiting new employees in the requisite manner. It is just utopian to think that machines may altogether replace the workforce. Machines are okay but to make them more compatible to the needs of the customers it is but essential that their intake be increased instead of slashing down the staff strength. Sufficient increase in workforce coupled with modernised machines may serve the interest of the customers in a bigger measure.

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