Friday, 10 January 2014

Whom to rely upon?

The well known Yog Guru Baba Remdev is regarded by his disciples and even others as a crusader against corruption and black money in India. It is a different matter that he himself is running an empire of business in indigenous medicines and is involved in several cases against him being investigated by CBI and various other agencies in the country. He is a Yogi turned politician now practicing more of politics than Yoga. There are many a controversies surrounding him in relation to his products as from Patanjali. One of the latest products from the Patanjali medical centre is a Chawanprash with composition of 51 herbs as per various ads released in relation to that. A consumer checked the very label of the Chawanprash container and there he found the mention of only 37 herbs. Since the market is flooded with the new brand as such it just can’t be construed to be an omission and if it was something deliberate it amounts to a manipulation bordering a fraud. People trust Baba Ramdev but if he too is found involved in any malicious deal, the very question that arises is as to who could be the people to be trusted upon. The matter is under investigation and the truth will come out after it is finalised.

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