Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Television may even cost life:

How funny? There are television enthusiasts who have a fancy to copy every thing they see on a TV or some movie in a picture hall. There is a story published by the media that there were two boys who saw a hanging scene as a part of some picture on TV. The horror sort of the scene left a deep impression on their mind and they decided to go for a rehearsal of the same themselves. One of them offered to play the role of the man to be hanged and the other one opted to act as the Jallad (hangman). They faulted in playing their roles with the result that the boy who was doing rehearsal of the man to be hanged got really hanged in the process as the mock executioner had too tightly tied the noose around the neck of the other boy and it failed to open at the last moment. More than the boys, necessary precaution in fact might have been exercised by their guardians in the household as the growing adolescents are not supposed to be cautious enough against their activities of adventurism.

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