Monday, 28 April 2014

Heavy turnout of voters–what it indicates?

With last phase of general elections in India in the offing there has been a huge turnout of the voters every where in India compared to previous ones. This is a positive indications and amply shows enough of awareness on the part of the electorate. Experts in politics are divided in their views as to what it is indicative of. Some say that it clearly shows the trend in favour of a massive change at the level of the central government and there are some who hold an opinion that the trend supports pro attitude of the voters for the repeat of UPA government. There are yet many who are of the view that it is suggestive of pro BJP voting in which connection they quote previous records saying that whenever there was massive voting in the past it invariably went in favour of BJP barring an exception or two. Narendra  Modi as from BJP is having a wave in his favour and also in favour of his party as visible on the surface. These are predictions based on calculations but what the voters have actually in their mind can be tangibly known only when the poll results are out in the middle of the next month.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Taking a chance with money:

Life itself is a chance and it need not be taken as some thing unusual if one has to take it with money too. There is nothing in this world which can just be taken for granted. One tries on several fronts and is able to succeed on a few of them or even nothing of them at all. Money plays most vital a role and is a factor which counts most in this material world. People all the time hanker for tracing some short cut devices to earn money and more money. Convenient most short cut for the purpose currently is resorting to share trading where one can go ahead even with a small amount of money although higher returns are possible only when there are bigger sums of amount invested. As an inbuilt system of human mind, once there is a take off with small investment it is soon followed by the lust for more earnings and that is a cycle which takes multiple turns resulting into abnormal fluctuations and then it settles at a colossal loss. Some of my friends requested me to write regularly on stock market with guidance on investment strategy. I know I am not an expert in the field and hence not capable enough to lay down the requisite guidelines. If I venture to issue certain guidelines in the matter they may only provide a bigger tilt towards heavy losses to the investors and that is the reason I am restraining myself from taking any plunge in the direction. As a lay man of course I can only suggest the investors to always resist their temptation for bigger gains and feel contented with frugal returns to their hard earned money. This may work though modestly only but surely it may take care of major setbacks with fair chances of earning some money at least. Let need not be overtaken by lust.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Joys of motherhood:

Chelsea, the only child of former American President Bill Clinton and his wife, the former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is pregnant to deliver shortly and this makes the whole family extremely joyous including her husband Mare Mezwinsky. Celsea’s statement made on the occasion was quite inspiring one which said “I just hope I will be as good a mom to my child, and hopefully children, as my mom was to me”. The statement was made on an event on empowering women. This is ideal if the care and love extended by Hillary Clinton to her daughter Chelsea are adopted as a pattern for all would be mothers every where in the world to grow as a traditional bond of love, care and affection running from generation to generation. How sweet and divine with a thrill for all mothers to be and also their children.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Special leave consideration for lady staff:

As per the ruling given by the Supreme Court of India the women employees in the government offices are now entitled to 730 days leave at a stretch especially to take care of their children below 18 years age. The ruling envisages the care not only for the children in the cradle but even those going to school. The women employees also may have the option of combining the leave due to them in other categories as per their needs. It was a long felt need of the lady staff in the government offices and they have now got it with the Supreme Court intervening in the matter. Much better it was if the government had taken such a decision at their own without the Court’s intervention. Better still it could be if the ruling so given is allowed to be applied to women employees in other sectors too in the country in the case of both public and private undertakings including banks where there is a large number of the women employees working all over the country.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Election fever:

Rampant in its fullest steam the election fever is there throughout the country in India with all concerned awe fully busy in their efforts to secure the best possible score mustering whatever strength they have at their command. Polling has taken place at many a places in different states of the country and for the rest the Election Commission is working in its full gear to execute their mission. Credit goes to T,N. Seshan who headed the then Election Commission much earlier to secure laurels for conducting free and fair elections in the country and the pattern he set is fortunately duly followed by his successors. Dealing directly with the bullies in politics is not an easy task but Election Commission is doing its best to see that the general elections are conducted virtually in a free and fair measure. Voters get this chance, sort of a veto in their hands, once in five years and naturally they are anxious enough to exercise their right in most positive a way this time. You talk to any body in the streets and it reveals that people of the country are all prepared to elect only those who could form a stable government at the Centre. Let all of us wish that what they cherish gets materialised in tangible terms and India emerges as most powerful a government with a great global status.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Goodwill matters:

Goodwill matters for any business organisation be it a big one or small its worth wise. Maruti Suzuki (India) has recalled  1,03,311 units of its vehicles for a check up in relation to some fuel snag in the cars manufactured between November 2013 and February 2014. The brands so specified for the purpose are -
  • DZire 42,481
  • Swift 47,237
  • Ertiga 13,593
The vehicles are to be returned to their owners after replacing faulty fuel filler neck free of any charge at the cost of the company itself. Such a move quite speaks of honesty on the part of the company and is capable of winning over the confidence of the buyers acting as an impetus for them. If all the business organisations in the country adopt the same pattern it would not only boost up their business it would rather add much to their goodwill which is an essential ingredient and quite healthy a sign for any business undertaking. If it develops as a culture for the business community as a whole in the country it equally helps a developing economy.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Unprecedented heights in share market–what does it indicate?

Indian share market is establishing continuously unprecedented heights and it appears to have reached its saturation point or may be it further goes on setting new dimensions of achievements. It was a record high of Sensex at the close of business on 9/4/2014 when it culminated to 22,702.34 points with the day’s plus as 358.89 followed by Nifty at 6,796.20 with the day’s gain as 101.15. For traders such a trend is certainly a matter of their hay days but the question is as to how long it may continue like this. Better it goes higher and higher and there lies the interest of the traders but share market always has a tendency of bigger fluctuations –higher the trend, bigger are the chances of drowning down to the lower levels with increased risk factor for the investors. Those who are the experts in the field can manage the situation but the investors who happen to be just the lay men in the field find it absolutely tough to balance their deals. Let us wish that the current trend continues further in days to come but the traders have to be on guard against a bumper downfall which may occur any moment any day.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Banks can no more penalise customers just on minimum balance:

Bankers in India have a practice of imposing penalty on the customers whose savings bank account balances go down the minimum balance level prescribed for the purpose. It is a sigh of relief for those customers whose savings bank account(s) balance is below the minimum prescribed after Reserve Bank of India issued the directions to do away with the penalty resorting to cutting down certain special services like cheque book instead. The directive so released reads like this:

  • “Banks should not take undue advantage of customer difficulty or inattention. Instead of levying penal charges for non maintenance of minimum balance in ordinary savings bank accounts banks should limit services available on such accounts to those available to basic savings bank deposit account and restore the services when the balances improve to the minimum required level”.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Privacy on internet–How safe?

Those who care more for privacy may not find internet a safe place. It is a different matter that despite this snag internet has become most popular a tool for any job one has in mind throughout the world. A survey conducted by BBC reveals that there are 52% of the people all over the world who feel panicky while using internet for different social purposes think as they do that privacy element badly lacks there. In India the scenario is somewhat different as there are 67% of the users who comfortably operate it with the confidence that their privacy is quite safe. What in fact the privacy factor has to do once one decides to socialise his/ her dealings publicly? Actually speaking the internet services are harnessed in most of the cases for publicising their work. If privacy is that dear to some, why the hell they should use the internet at all. Internet is a great publicity tool and those who don’t want to be away from the confines of privacy better they refrain from using it. Internet is capable of playing wonders just on a click and it is a boon for the modern age having such a magic like tool.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Conserving water:

Most vital a factor as it is for humans and animals or say any live being in the world, water needs to be saved and conserved at any cost. Only a few days back it was World Water Day celebrated every where. Let such celebrations be not confined to a ritual only and the Day requires the people to commit themselves to a resolve on saving water without permitting any kind of wastage in whatsoever manner. Any excuse on wasting water should be out of question. The humans, all other live beings including animals on earth breathe for their life and so is their need of water to survive. Even trees, plants and any vegetation can’t retain their greenery without water as their very survival entirely rests on water only. Water is a life saving property and none can justify its wastage. Restraint on wastage apart, it is call of the Nature for the mankind to strive hardest possible to save it and conserve it by harnessing the requisite methodology for the purpose.