Sunday, 13 April 2014

Goodwill matters:

Goodwill matters for any business organisation be it a big one or small its worth wise. Maruti Suzuki (India) has recalled  1,03,311 units of its vehicles for a check up in relation to some fuel snag in the cars manufactured between November 2013 and February 2014. The brands so specified for the purpose are -
  • DZire 42,481
  • Swift 47,237
  • Ertiga 13,593
The vehicles are to be returned to their owners after replacing faulty fuel filler neck free of any charge at the cost of the company itself. Such a move quite speaks of honesty on the part of the company and is capable of winning over the confidence of the buyers acting as an impetus for them. If all the business organisations in the country adopt the same pattern it would not only boost up their business it would rather add much to their goodwill which is an essential ingredient and quite healthy a sign for any business undertaking. If it develops as a culture for the business community as a whole in the country it equally helps a developing economy.

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