Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Election fever:

Rampant in its fullest steam the election fever is there throughout the country in India with all concerned awe fully busy in their efforts to secure the best possible score mustering whatever strength they have at their command. Polling has taken place at many a places in different states of the country and for the rest the Election Commission is working in its full gear to execute their mission. Credit goes to T,N. Seshan who headed the then Election Commission much earlier to secure laurels for conducting free and fair elections in the country and the pattern he set is fortunately duly followed by his successors. Dealing directly with the bullies in politics is not an easy task but Election Commission is doing its best to see that the general elections are conducted virtually in a free and fair measure. Voters get this chance, sort of a veto in their hands, once in five years and naturally they are anxious enough to exercise their right in most positive a way this time. You talk to any body in the streets and it reveals that people of the country are all prepared to elect only those who could form a stable government at the Centre. Let all of us wish that what they cherish gets materialised in tangible terms and India emerges as most powerful a government with a great global status.

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