Friday, 4 April 2014

Privacy on internet–How safe?

Those who care more for privacy may not find internet a safe place. It is a different matter that despite this snag internet has become most popular a tool for any job one has in mind throughout the world. A survey conducted by BBC reveals that there are 52% of the people all over the world who feel panicky while using internet for different social purposes think as they do that privacy element badly lacks there. In India the scenario is somewhat different as there are 67% of the users who comfortably operate it with the confidence that their privacy is quite safe. What in fact the privacy factor has to do once one decides to socialise his/ her dealings publicly? Actually speaking the internet services are harnessed in most of the cases for publicising their work. If privacy is that dear to some, why the hell they should use the internet at all. Internet is a great publicity tool and those who don’t want to be away from the confines of privacy better they refrain from using it. Internet is capable of playing wonders just on a click and it is a boon for the modern age having such a magic like tool.

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