Friday, 25 April 2014

Taking a chance with money:

Life itself is a chance and it need not be taken as some thing unusual if one has to take it with money too. There is nothing in this world which can just be taken for granted. One tries on several fronts and is able to succeed on a few of them or even nothing of them at all. Money plays most vital a role and is a factor which counts most in this material world. People all the time hanker for tracing some short cut devices to earn money and more money. Convenient most short cut for the purpose currently is resorting to share trading where one can go ahead even with a small amount of money although higher returns are possible only when there are bigger sums of amount invested. As an inbuilt system of human mind, once there is a take off with small investment it is soon followed by the lust for more earnings and that is a cycle which takes multiple turns resulting into abnormal fluctuations and then it settles at a colossal loss. Some of my friends requested me to write regularly on stock market with guidance on investment strategy. I know I am not an expert in the field and hence not capable enough to lay down the requisite guidelines. If I venture to issue certain guidelines in the matter they may only provide a bigger tilt towards heavy losses to the investors and that is the reason I am restraining myself from taking any plunge in the direction. As a lay man of course I can only suggest the investors to always resist their temptation for bigger gains and feel contented with frugal returns to their hard earned money. This may work though modestly only but surely it may take care of major setbacks with fair chances of earning some money at least. Let need not be overtaken by lust.

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