Thursday, 10 April 2014

Unprecedented heights in share market–what does it indicate?

Indian share market is establishing continuously unprecedented heights and it appears to have reached its saturation point or may be it further goes on setting new dimensions of achievements. It was a record high of Sensex at the close of business on 9/4/2014 when it culminated to 22,702.34 points with the day’s plus as 358.89 followed by Nifty at 6,796.20 with the day’s gain as 101.15. For traders such a trend is certainly a matter of their hay days but the question is as to how long it may continue like this. Better it goes higher and higher and there lies the interest of the traders but share market always has a tendency of bigger fluctuations –higher the trend, bigger are the chances of drowning down to the lower levels with increased risk factor for the investors. Those who are the experts in the field can manage the situation but the investors who happen to be just the lay men in the field find it absolutely tough to balance their deals. Let us wish that the current trend continues further in days to come but the traders have to be on guard against a bumper downfall which may occur any moment any day.

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