Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Conserving water:

Most vital a factor as it is for humans and animals or say any live being in the world, water needs to be saved and conserved at any cost. Only a few days back it was World Water Day celebrated every where. Let such celebrations be not confined to a ritual only and the Day requires the people to commit themselves to a resolve on saving water without permitting any kind of wastage in whatsoever manner. Any excuse on wasting water should be out of question. The humans, all other live beings including animals on earth breathe for their life and so is their need of water to survive. Even trees, plants and any vegetation can’t retain their greenery without water as their very survival entirely rests on water only. Water is a life saving property and none can justify its wastage. Restraint on wastage apart, it is call of the Nature for the mankind to strive hardest possible to save it and conserve it by harnessing the requisite methodology for the purpose.

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