Saturday, 29 March 2014

Isn’t it too much of a witch hunting?

Sahara chief Subrata Roy is denied bail by the Supreme Court of India continuously every time he applies for it. He was charged for contempt of court besides non compliance of the court’s order to make upfront payment to SEBI. The amount being too heavy his lawyer requested the court to relax it in which connection he gave an alternative proposal of package which was turned down at the outset itself. On his interim bail proposal the court’s condition is that he should provide sureties to the tune of 10,000 crores of rupees “out of which Rs 5,000 crores to be deposited before this court and for the balance a bank guarantee of a nationalised bank be furnished in favour of SEBI and be deposited before this court”. It appears that there is a deep rooted prejudice working against Subrata Roy as the court is treating with him in too harsh a manner in the name of law. Not necessary that all moneyed people have unlimited money at their quick disposal and certainly he might have offered the utmost he could. Law is blind, it is said, but those who sponsor it are after all humans only. Humanity demands that the torture he is undergoing be reasonably relaxed. Ultimately it is the law to take its course finally when there is the question of exonerating him of all the charges against him but he deserves some consideration in being granted an interim bail giving weightage to his constraints in making payment of otherwise too big a sum of amount. Moreover, he is in advancing age which factor normally the law considers in several cases and let him too be one such case.

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