Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not just an actor:

A son inherits his name through his father’s and if this was the case with Amitabh Bachhan he would have been known as Amitabh Rai Bachhan like his father Harivansh Rai Bachhan, a renowned poet of his time. He is a Shahanshah of Indian film industry, a status none could occupy and the reputation and popularity which he commands remains un-parallel in the history of Bollywood. Though in advancing age, he still exceeds his contemporaries in calibre and stamina. Normally the actors attaining a stature of popularity get swayed by it and develop a tendency of a false grandeur but he is the one who is much above all this remaining as simple a man as one in the masses. He did have his own romantic affairs but he didn’t allow them to mar his marital life continuing to remain a good husband. He is an idol, and ideal too, as a son, a father, a father-in-law and a grand father remaining fully a committed family man. He is just a simple person sans any kind of ego and even a commoner from the streets can meet him. He sees to it that within family circles every one talks in Hindi, the national language and his mother tongue instead of English which is otherwise a fancy for many in our country, more so in the Bollywood. Much away from the grandeur and falsehood, he hardly has any ego. Many of his co stars who wanted to pose themselves as superior to him insisted the film producers for higher remuneration compared to him which gesture he never resisted, he rather simply compromised with whatever he was paid. Now a days he appears more in ads but that is again a field for him where he is getting as much of a popularity as he got in the films. He is an inspiration and an ideal for the people in different age groups be it the younger generation or be it the older ones. Let us wish him to continue inspiring generation after generation.

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