Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One plus one makes eleven:

There is a fallacy that heavens won’t fall if a single individual doesn’t caste his/ her vote in the elections. One joining the other forms a chain and it may grow to millions of people. History has it that the government of Atal Bihari Vajpai, the then Prime Minister of India, had to fall against one vote only. Be it politics or any other area, at no level the weight of one vote can be undermined. It counts and it counts immeasuraby. None is privileged to cast more than one vote and it is a single vote only that assumes strength in large proportions when counted along with others. Why should any one feel shy of casting his/ her vote on the notion that a single vote is only insignificant. Napoleon used to say that a single soldier is as important to him as the army as a whole. Voting is an integral right bestowed to every citizen of the country by its constitution in any democracy and if it is allowed to go a waste it is a colossal damage to the very democratic system. Elections in India are just close by where people of the country would have the choice of forming their own government in which connection it is only a single vote that matters as it is counted in its totality. No conscious a person would ever like to allow his vote going in vain. Let it be taken as most religious a responsibility on the part of every voter in the country to fully utilize such a great authority vested in him/ her.

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