Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Forgive my languor

Geetanjali by Rabindranath Tagore became a controversy and surprisingly it happened in a country like Russia. The issue raised was that it was pro terrorism. Strange! The book that won a Nobel Prize to Tagore is by and large a devotional work and no where it denotes any note of terror. It quite softly deals with human behaviour and approach in the context of routine dealings. In a way it is quite devotional a work inspiring people to submit to God, the Almighty. A line from the book reading as “…forgive my languor O! Lord if ever I lag behind” is enough to amply reveal the very spirit of it and it is very difficult to understand the reasons behind all this fuss.

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Change is the law of nature and so is it in the case of a society or a community. Every thing changes with the passage of time. There was a time when traders/ dealers behaved in the then obtaining orthodox an order posing themselves as if they were somewhat superior to their customers. They hardly realised that it were the customers who in the real sense were their source of business. If there were no customers there was nothing like any transactional turnover and if such a turnover was not there their very business was a flop. Behaviourally too they virtually caught hold of them whenever some customer(s) called on them in their shops for some purchase or the other instead of softly mobilising them for necessary deal. Things are changed and customers are now dealt with with dignity and grace with the result that all kind of business in the market is flourishing by leaps and bounds. Even the big bosses belonging to different corporate undertakings treat a smallest possible customer in the streets as their very important person. For any developing economy better customer relations are after all a key note.

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Does Anna Hazare stand confused?

Recognised by many as another Gandhi, Anna Hazare created history when he launched a scathing attack against the powers that be vigorously raising a demand that a separate law be enacted to curb corruption in the country. He observed fast unto  death which was only withdrawn after the Government of India affirmatively nodded their head to consider the demand in a positive measure. The fast continued for nearly two weeks. Anna became a wave and his was a house hold name throughout the country. His movement gave a sigh of relief to 125 crores Indians who found a ray of hope in it for eradication of corruption that was so giganticly rampant in the country as a whole but the sequence of events which followed led the people think as if their hopes were dwindling. It was not only for the reasons that the ruling collision at the centre with Congress as a major partner went back on their assurance to consider Anna’s demands in a positive manner and that they rather adopted aggressive postures detrimental to Anna’s mission, the other reasons were the differences of opinion emerging amongst the the members of the team Anna themselves and conflicting statements made by them including Anna himself. Anna justified slapping on Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar by some young man but soon after retracted condemning the attack. He called the people in the government as Chor (thieves). He said ‘choron ko thappad maro’ (slap those who are thieves). There is literally nothing wrong in such versions of statements but language wise they do not befit a Gandhian like Anna is. Anna has been postponing his plans to more aggressively launch a further movement on some pretext like health or the other. Very often he looks to be double  minded and possibly confused in regard to his movement plans. A definite mind and not a confused one is the key note for any struggle or movement and one is supposed to be well behaved without compromising his view point to pursue his mission.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to blogging

Back long enough I had stopped blogging for the reason that it looked to be somewhat cumbersome to me and that it didn’t prove remunerative enough to keep me attracted to it. Realising later that if the venture was not that much result oriented it was none else but  myself to blame as possibly I was not able to spare necessary amount of time required for the purpose. Looking back to my association with Socialspark with whom I had developed a close relationship in course of my dealings with them, I felt within myself as if it was a rapport much worth continuing. It formed some amount of temptation in me which I felt I was unable to resist, hence this resumption. Resuming the task undoubtedly falls in the midst of several complicated formalities but they are after all an integral part of any challenge that is undertaken.Thanks to Socialspark and also Google whose platform I have been using for  my blogs.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pensioners in State Bank of India

Of all the public sector organisations in India State Bank is the oldest one where pension to the employees was introduced right during the days it used to be called Bank of Calcutta established on 2nd June in 1806 which was later renamed as Bank of Bengal on 2nd January’ 1809 to form Imperial Bank of India subsequently on 27th January’1921. Employees in this Bank had the triple advantage of Pension, Provident Fund and gratuity. Now such benefits are a general feature in almost all the banks throughout the country. Work force in State Bank now lags behind several other organisations including non commercial ones like Central Government employees. There are undertakings like Life Insurance Corporation of India which are much better placed with a liberalised calculation of pension to suit its retirees. Such a calculation is not allowed to be applied to State Bank employees despite persistent demands raised on that count by the respective unions. Besides the currently serving employees union namely All India State Bank of India Staff Federation and All India State Bank of India Officers Federation there is another union exclusively for the retired employees/ officers to look after the interests of the retirees. None is able to deliver necessary goods and the retirees from State Bank are left in a lurch compelled to lead a miserable life in every day growing prices of essential commodities and they find themselves just helpless to manage necessary sustentation for themselves and their families with the meagre amount they get by way of pension. In fact the retirees are themselves to blame in many ways on this count as they lack much behind in the matter of necessary efforts in this context and they  merely look to their respective unions as silent spectators.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Veterans in a meet

The leaders, nay the past leaders, of All India State Bank of India Staff Federaton met at Kolkata on 7th and 8th January. In a  way it was the galaxy of stalwarts who turned up to the venue from nook and corner of the country. The participants jubilantly bubbled with a glow of enthusiasm like they were not the ones who called it a day to hectic organisational activities much earlier but younsters knowing no fatigue. Thanks to Sankareswar Dutta joined by Prafulla Patnaik who successfully harnessed themselves to the gigantic task of organising the event like they maidenly did in arranging its predecessor meet  in November'2010 at Puri. Dexterously  monitored by the joint convenors Sankareswar Dutta and Prafullo Kumar Patnaik, the event was hosted by State Bank of India Staff Association, Bengal Circle, and most pivotal a role in the matter was played by its General Secretary Siddhartha Khan, a man of down to earth simplicity sans any kind of reservations. Sankareswar Dutta introduced him to the gathering as the one in the offing as a potential leader of the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation some day. Replying to a question by one of the participants, Siddhartha Khan replied '...no son is supposed to forget his father and so are we to always adore our fore fathers in the leadership'. Deliberations wise, number of speakers participated notably Venugopal Reddy, SP Raman, Shiv Janam Pandey, KK Bandlish and also Siddhartha Khan representing his local team of SBISA. Chapal Ghosh introduced to the gathering his locally formed forum meant for retirees from State Bank which however could not be entertained as it was something in generality and not compatible to the purpose of the forum in session. It was resolved to name the forum as United Forum of Former Council Members of All India SBI Staff Federation.
The event ofcourse lacked in establishing a definite direction in the matter of cogently identifiable a purpose and goal to determine whether this congregation of the retiree leaders had to remain confined to an ashirvad goshthi or they could secure more meaningful a capability to still play a tangibly viewable role contributing their might towards some service to the workers.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Online disasters

Safe it is as it is said to record relevant materials online but it doesn’t hold good always. I find myself at a loss to know that number of blog sites I created with different IDs are no more available online as they are either just untraceable or are put to an end by the host sites themselves reasons of which are not known to me except that there was no operations in the accounts for quite a long time. Possibly necessary record maintained off line elsewhere in a manual order is more safe. In any case I feel so disheartened at the experience.