Saturday, 28 January 2012


Change is the law of nature and so is it in the case of a society or a community. Every thing changes with the passage of time. There was a time when traders/ dealers behaved in the then obtaining orthodox an order posing themselves as if they were somewhat superior to their customers. They hardly realised that it were the customers who in the real sense were their source of business. If there were no customers there was nothing like any transactional turnover and if such a turnover was not there their very business was a flop. Behaviourally too they virtually caught hold of them whenever some customer(s) called on them in their shops for some purchase or the other instead of softly mobilising them for necessary deal. Things are changed and customers are now dealt with with dignity and grace with the result that all kind of business in the market is flourishing by leaps and bounds. Even the big bosses belonging to different corporate undertakings treat a smallest possible customer in the streets as their very important person. For any developing economy better customer relations are after all a key note.

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