Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to blogging

Back long enough I had stopped blogging for the reason that it looked to be somewhat cumbersome to me and that it didn’t prove remunerative enough to keep me attracted to it. Realising later that if the venture was not that much result oriented it was none else but  myself to blame as possibly I was not able to spare necessary amount of time required for the purpose. Looking back to my association with Socialspark with whom I had developed a close relationship in course of my dealings with them, I felt within myself as if it was a rapport much worth continuing. It formed some amount of temptation in me which I felt I was unable to resist, hence this resumption. Resuming the task undoubtedly falls in the midst of several complicated formalities but they are after all an integral part of any challenge that is undertaken.Thanks to Socialspark and also Google whose platform I have been using for  my blogs.

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