Friday, 27 January 2012

Does Anna Hazare stand confused?

Recognised by many as another Gandhi, Anna Hazare created history when he launched a scathing attack against the powers that be vigorously raising a demand that a separate law be enacted to curb corruption in the country. He observed fast unto  death which was only withdrawn after the Government of India affirmatively nodded their head to consider the demand in a positive measure. The fast continued for nearly two weeks. Anna became a wave and his was a house hold name throughout the country. His movement gave a sigh of relief to 125 crores Indians who found a ray of hope in it for eradication of corruption that was so giganticly rampant in the country as a whole but the sequence of events which followed led the people think as if their hopes were dwindling. It was not only for the reasons that the ruling collision at the centre with Congress as a major partner went back on their assurance to consider Anna’s demands in a positive manner and that they rather adopted aggressive postures detrimental to Anna’s mission, the other reasons were the differences of opinion emerging amongst the the members of the team Anna themselves and conflicting statements made by them including Anna himself. Anna justified slapping on Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar by some young man but soon after retracted condemning the attack. He called the people in the government as Chor (thieves). He said ‘choron ko thappad maro’ (slap those who are thieves). There is literally nothing wrong in such versions of statements but language wise they do not befit a Gandhian like Anna is. Anna has been postponing his plans to more aggressively launch a further movement on some pretext like health or the other. Very often he looks to be double  minded and possibly confused in regard to his movement plans. A definite mind and not a confused one is the key note for any struggle or movement and one is supposed to be well behaved without compromising his view point to pursue his mission.

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