Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rupee stumbled, regaining strength:

It looked like a few days back that the setback rupee has suffered in the market as against dollar is hardly recoverable. Now there appears to be some ray of hope in view of the favourable trend of the share market globally and rupee which was taken as doomed is now in a position to raise its head. Hopefully, if the slight jump that the market appears in a mood to take succeeds, the good days for rupee are ahead, and it is likely to give a boost up to the investors and also on the front of import export balance. Necessary note of precaution is, however, still a must for the investors in equities particularly, and also in the context of cash and commodities transactions.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Milking disaster–who is doing it more?

As he promised, Narendra Modi made all efforts to get 15,000 Gujratis evacuated in a record time bringing them back alive. Spokesmen of Congress Party brand his efforts as fake and false coupled with their accusation that he is trying to milk the tragedy. Let the victims and their families be the judge who are praising the army jawans all out for their timely help to them accusing the government of a sheer negligence in the meantime. They are equally praising Narendra Modi, particularly the Gujaratis, for necessary initiative taken by him on an urgent footing to help them. The UPA, of which Congress is the most important component, did take certain measures but they did it at a very late stage by which time an enormous damage was already caused and it was too late. They are in power and this was very much possible for them to do the needful as rescue operations in time. At a time when there is a national sort of crisis in the shape of Uttarakhand disaster, the politicians should at least have the courtesy of not exchanging accusations against one another, the best thing for them is to stand united for the sake of the tragedy affecting thousands of people. Work in a positive direction matters and not the negative talks indulging into mud slinging against each other. At least once in a blue moon they should exhibit solidarity for the national cause instead of cashing every opportunity, crisis or disaster, that comes their way, dragging it to their own advantage.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Share market heading to a doom!

So disparaging it is that the stock market plunged to a more than two years low day before and the trend remains unarrested with rupee getting down to its life time low at nearly 60 (59.93), and so is obviously the position in respect of gold and silver. In the year 1947 the Indian rupee valued as 1=1, rupee against dollar, and if a comparison is drawn on that basis, rupee stands no where against dollar as on date. What is more disgusting is the very trend of the market, it looks slated to go to a terribly low level resulting into a severe imbalance between export and import in India. The investors have already suffered a severe most setback excepting certain selected few. The trend is of course somewhat a global one but actually it is tug of war between the two economies –American and Indian. Such a competition between the two countries tends favourably towards America as against India. Only a few days back there was an announcement made by the Indian Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, that there is no need to feel panicky on rupee falling down as there are already necessary decisions in the pipeline with the government to ensure its arrest. Nothing has happened tangibly, and the very scenario is shifting to much worse a position in days to come.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Why row over Mother Mary’s tribal avatar?

Virgin Mary has been shown in a new type of tribal avatar at Singhpur village in Dhurwa (Jharkhand, India) in the form of a statue and this has sparked a major controversy as from the local tribals. The move is taken as an attempt to cause division between the local christians and non-christians. The apparel of Virgin Mary shown in the statue is that of a tribal woman in a saree with red ribbon, a locally popular dress code for tribal women. The allegation is that 100 years from now this shall be mystiquely taken as the real version of Virgin Mary as against how she has been seen in the pictures for centuries. The local tribals allege that this has been done deliberately to win over a certain section of local people in view of the coming elections the next year. Personally speaking, I hold a view that such a practice is highly unfair and is vulnerably capable of distorting the real image of Virgin Mary with the very grace part of it missing when transformed in to a different mode of a picture. Unfortunately, in the country like India such a practice is an age old one where different Gods and Goddesses are picturised in tune with the local traditions and culture. They are highly fair complexioned ones in North India as against South India where they are painted as pitch black resembling the colour of humans there. This is how the God varies in colour and complexion from one location to another. If Gods and Goddesses  are there, they have  to be venerably worshipped in one unique shape and form without tarnishing their very look and grace. Such a practice in fact warrants an arrest and a total ban.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

They deserve to be hanged:

Doctors’ is a noble profession to medically serve the ailing people but there are several who exploit their otherwise considered a great mission to callously use it for earning more and more of money. As it appeared in the media, a muslim woman was diagnosed as suffering from kidney problem because of a stone in it. She was advised operation. Quite innocently she got herself admitted to a local Nursing Home of the doctor concerned himself. Her problem persisted and her husband consulted another doctor who found that her right kidney was removed, as he advised the patient and her husband. Obviously the earlier doctor had done it in the name of operation. It’s not a solitary case and there are big rackets of doctors involved in such a trade costing the innocent patients heavily. Such doctors are not the humans but the damned devils practicing as the enemies of humanity. It’s never enough to ban their practicing licence or cancel their registration as a medical practitioner, what befits their heinous crime is nothing less than hanging them to death in full public view as was the practice in the olden days.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awareness on power shortage:

There is nothing new if some one talks of power shortage and failure of electricity for most of the time in our country, more so in the state of Uttar Pradesh and yet more so in a city like Kanpur. The funniest part of it is that if you try to contact the electricity department personnel to know the latest supply position you may hardly get any response as they are careful enough to keep their telephone connection off during the time the queries are supposed to be more. As an exception, however, I was surprised when the other day there was a positive reply from them. They advised that very often supply was there but it got interrupted and switched off because of the heavy load. What they suggested was that when the power is switched on as from their end, the users should not switch on their lights and other electrical appliances, ACs and kitchen gadgets in particular, they should rather wait for half an hour’s by which time the power load gets currency and the power supply gets regenerated. It was done and to the surprise of every one it really worked. Their suggestion was also that AC boxes should not be exposed to sun, they should rather be kept under some shade to overcome sun heat, as the AC boxes exposed to sun and dust use around 10% of more electricity. Better it is if the awareness programmes like this are generalised in more popular a manner.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

An incentive to terror accused!

To be liberal to an accused is an indirect way of promoting crimes. In fact those indulging in such a liberal move should be supposed to be criminals only in the eyes of the Law. The State Government led by Akhilesh Yadav as its Chief Minister recommended withdrawal of cases against terror accused in 2007 serial blasts in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad which claimed the life of 16 persons injuring 60 others. This he did as a sheer political move as per his party’s promise given during the last elections in the State. A public interest litigation filed by some lawyers disputed such a decision in the court of law. The Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court has taken the cognizance of the issue and has posted it for the consideration by a full bench. It is note worthy that a case of the type like this was already decided by the Court in the past rejecting the Chief Minister’s initiative in the matter. Poll promises are generally a matter of personal interest of the individuals and the parties concerned and, if voted to power, they should not be allowed to condone or pardon the criminals as it can in no way be termed as lawful an action, rather it is blatant violation of the Law. Life of 16 persons and those seriously injured numbering 60 in the serial blast is much more important than the personal interest of some individual or any political party.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Slashing ads timing on TV:

It’s a sigh of relief that the government has now come out with a restriction on television advertisements which are cumbersome to the viewers in a worst possible order. The technique of displaying ads on the TV is such that best part of the time is snatched away by the agencies concerned in showing the advertisements which are a sort of interruption with a few minutes gap in between. Now that it has been decided that from October’2013 onwards the ad schedules shall not be allowed to exceed 12 minutes in an hour at an average. Such a measure on the part of the government is likely to secure much of relief for the viewers creating necessary scope for them to devote more time towards the coverage of other meaningful displays getting rid of the unnecessary boredom and the inconvenience with interruptions caused to the viewers after every few minutes. The sooner the decision so taken is implemented, the better.


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