Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awareness on power shortage:

There is nothing new if some one talks of power shortage and failure of electricity for most of the time in our country, more so in the state of Uttar Pradesh and yet more so in a city like Kanpur. The funniest part of it is that if you try to contact the electricity department personnel to know the latest supply position you may hardly get any response as they are careful enough to keep their telephone connection off during the time the queries are supposed to be more. As an exception, however, I was surprised when the other day there was a positive reply from them. They advised that very often supply was there but it got interrupted and switched off because of the heavy load. What they suggested was that when the power is switched on as from their end, the users should not switch on their lights and other electrical appliances, ACs and kitchen gadgets in particular, they should rather wait for half an hour’s by which time the power load gets currency and the power supply gets regenerated. It was done and to the surprise of every one it really worked. Their suggestion was also that AC boxes should not be exposed to sun, they should rather be kept under some shade to overcome sun heat, as the AC boxes exposed to sun and dust use around 10% of more electricity. Better it is if the awareness programmes like this are generalised in more popular a manner.

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