Friday, 29 February 2008

Facilitating commercial mortgages

Mortgages have all along been a feature most exploited but availed at the maximum right from the old days in the past right uptill now. They have equally been a source of help for many for urgencies of their varying situations demanding financial support. Good enough if some one is able to secure necessary financial help in days of need. It is entirely a different matter that the need element of the borrowers used to be and still is a tool in the hands of the money lenders to exploit and even blackmail them. There are stories that there used to be a time when property once mortgaged for some loan was never returned to the borrowers. Such a practice was horribly rampant particularly in the rural areas where small farmers mortgaged their land for some money and principal remaining the same throughout, the borrowers had to serve the lenders as a matter of interest all their life. Thanks to social awakening and awareness that it is no more there apparently but symptom wise it can still be seen in Banks and other financial agencies doing the business of money lending. There are instances of certain banks in India where the borrowers are beaten black and blue if repayment is not forthcoming and such a barbaric treatment is managed by the bank officials at the behest of their masters. It is a sea change now with money lenders assuming a dignified character of dealings and treatment with the borrowers and there are highly refined groups doing money lending in most sophisticated a manner keeping all the time the convenience of the borrowers in mind. They serve their customers in a dignified way, deal with them properly, offer them lowest possible rates and quickest possible service on all counts that enables the borrowers to timely meet their financial urgencies and going for a repayment schedule in a convenience based phase. The borrowers thus is no more a victimised lot. They can sefely mortgage the required property for loan and can well afford to pay back with ease in an arranged manner.Commercial Mortgage
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