Friday, 8 February 2008

Relevance of agitations

Psychologically human mind is bound to react with agitation the moment there is some thing that doesn't suit a person. It is a phenomenon most used to register violent protests. Agitational approach being most common for the trade unions the world over,they go for it as a normal tool to secure redressal of their grievances or say the grievances of the workmen whom they represent.Initially this sort of approach started on a positive note but assumed entirely a different shape with passage of time.Now that entire atmosphere is fully politicalised, there are instances reported every now and then that agitations are resorted to pressure the government or say the managements with some hidden agenda or the other. Mahatma Gandhi was of the opinion that workers must have right and capacity to agitate and even resort to strike mode of it but this should not be necessary for them to use these tools as this is more important to possess a weapon without going for it just as a matter of fun.Role of unions is supposed to have its orientation in the welfare of the people they represent and using this platform for purposes other than workers interest should infact be not permissible.Agitations and protests for a genuine cause relating to the employees are many a times a dire need and this need need not be diverted to some other directions.Managements discourage agitations for their own reasons without in any way caring for the workforce. This role has infact tobe played by the unions and if they too, like it is happening in many cases, start behaving the way managements do, they virtually lose their right to exist as such.Convictionally, agitations are most powerful a tool towards redressal of grievance but quite vulnerably it loses its sanctity the moment it is misused.
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