Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Brutal beasts

The way brutalities are perpetrated on innocent people by anti social elements is an alarming signal for days to come. Lust for sex is not a new phenomenon, it was very much there in the past and is rampant in an exhorbitant manner in an untolerable proportions. The maniacs indulging into these activities behave in a manner as if they do not belong to the society which they live in. They also don't realise that their victims who are callously raped belong to the families like the rapists have -their own sister, mother, daughter and others in their house hold. Why such graver propotions of the scenario on sex every day assuming a gigantic shape are not curbed ? Why even no proper notice of the incident is taken by the administration ? The media is one channel doing lot of work on this highlighting the agonies of rape victims but there again no cognizance is given to their coverage by those who hold the charge of curbing such heinous activities. Even the women forum on that count have failed to bring any results in eradicating this sort of menace. Minor children are raped, even old women are not spared and it looks like the mad dogs are from some other world in no way

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concerned with the persons targetted by them for sex. Normally the victims are killed after rape is over and this is done to evade any trace of the occurrence for investigating agencies. If same thing happens to them or their family members how will they take it. Will it be possible for them to keep quiet ? Certainly not. In that case they shall behave as differently calling names for the whole world. Social level in its totality has gone down and that is one reason why all this is happening this way and worse is the attitude of the administration who can do much to arrest these ghastly incident but are not prepared to do anything at all for the obvious reasons that they have a complete alliance with the guilty..

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