Saturday, 23 February 2008

When there was no medical device to look better

Paleolithicians had to live in caves moving and preying for their food. One concept is that there were no women on earth in the beginning ofcourse with the mythological reference of Eve with Adam as an exception. The male folk did have an intensely piercing instinct for something that caused upheavals in their heart but they couldn't locate what it was. It was infact a deeply keen anxiety inbuilt in their physical system for a woman. When women population started emerging, the secret was revealed and the males could realise that actually it was 'she' for whom they were hankering. Initially the women were so few in number that they failed to meet one to one need of men with the result that scuffles, strife and warlike scenarios became the order of the day then amongs the people. For one woman there were dozens chasing one another to grab her. The women too obviously had the same, nay more anxiety and intensity for sex which became a most contentious cause of wars amongs different groups. Both men and women even in those days wanted to look better to attract the other side with their modus operandi being rubbing the powder of certain kind of stones on their face enriching their glamour and the look. They also used some kind of leaves from the forest for their purpose. As read in several stories on that era, there was then nothing like any restriction on sex. It was as free as tree leaves in a jungle. The eminent writer/historian Rahul Sankrityayan has given a vivid description of this culture in his 'Volga to Ganga'. In one of his narrations, he mentions one girl replying to a man wanting sex with her that it was not necessary for her to have sex with the same man every day and that she had poised her breasts with necessary makeup for some one else on that material night. Desires make way for inventions and as against the age of stone there are plenty of ways available enabling a women, a man to look in their best. Plastic surgery is a great via media to acquire both beauty and shape. The use of such a device is not confined just to movie stars or certain other categories of people who are highly look conscious, it is equally popular amongst those who are not otherwise belonging to upper strata of society. Even persons in politics are highly prone to go for a face lift before they go to meetings or meet the people in their constituencies. Only the other day I came across a new item in the press where a woman candidate openly confessed that she always made it a point to go for a necessary makeup before addressing a meeting of her supporters and electorate as it generates more of impression on the people. Thanks to medical science for giving most advanced a tool in the shape of cosmetic surgery.
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