Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Writing unique ?

Isn't it at times too cumbersome to work out a pattern that determines uniqueness of a writeup. Atleast I am the one who fails many a times on this count. Providers of website to bloggers never fail to emphasize that what a blogger writes must be good English, correctly spelt and gramatically fool proof. I at times come across instances where their own prescription on blog topics is just in contrast to such an advice.

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Spellings are not defined as to which mode is tobe adhered to -American or that of U.K. The uniqueness is also directed towards the theme of the post meaning thereby that there should be nothing that amounts to repetition. No repetition alright, but what about the suppliers of the subject matter for the post repeating themselves the themes which they provided number of times in the past. Why send the same topic again and again to individual bloggers causing them unnecessary confusion ? Such a confusion gets worse confounded when new topics so forwarded contain a clip of warning saying that if repetition is there the very blog is to result in banning the writer ? Difficult to understand as to why they themselves can't monitor their work properly avoiding unnecessary humiliation to the blog writers. Since the opportunities are sent to individual bloggers after measuring their level and status as such, why the suppliers find it cogent to shift the blame to them ? It is infact something to demoralise the writers for no fault of theirs. The conclusion the suppliers have a fancy to draw is that repetition of the contents on the part of the writers are for the reason that they are greedy for some post or the other to write to grab money. They are sadly mistaken. No writer is to compromise his level as such for a petty sum of a few dollars and better for the opportunity providers to behave themselves instead of raising their fingers and passing on the buck to those submitting their writeups.

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