Friday, 29 February 2008

Compensations are not a favour but a right

Days are gone far behind when the victims of some mishap or the other had to take it just as a matter of their fate and that they had no recourse available to go for repairs on that count. Now that society has travelled a long way to reach a stage when there are compensations almost for every thing. Personal injury or some setback in business, there are channels and agencies capable of taking due care. Besides the compensations prescribed by the government, there are private sector channels running their help mode in different segments to render a positive service to the persons in want of it. The job which in the past was done by Rajaas and Maharajaas, ofcourse with a snag that it was all a mercifully granted favour to be received as such only by the beneficiary, is now being done by these setups by extending necessary helping hand to restore the desired compensations to them. There are avenues like keypointclaims to discuss, meet the relief seekers and negotiate the permissible claims with no win, no fee agreement taking up the issues with the channels involved in the process taking full care that claimants are not to run helter skelter to secure what they quite legitimately are entitled to otherwise.Accident Claims

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