Monday, 11 February 2008

Is it going to be really a soft budget?

New budget proposals are in the offing and in all probability, as are the indications, it is going tobe a soft budget aimed at extending and granting several relaxations in tax. Business men, consumers, salary earners and different other groups are all likely to get benefitted. After all elections are due and those running the system in the country are to go to the people for a fresh mandate to rule. This has always been and still is a peculiar phenomenon that the masters in government altogether change themselves with adopting a swift shift to a behaviour that looks soft on the very surface of it. This infact holds good not only with the Finance Minister of the country but equally all the ministries as everywhere the people occupying ruling positions are the politicians only who have compulsions to go to the electorate after their current term of incumbency is over. Economic conditions of the country go on changing from situation to situation and the public in general always needs an attention to their day to day problems like every day increasing cost of usables particularly the eatables but a well coined reply they get every time they raise their voice in this direction that it is all because of developmental activities which can't be helped. Development is a factor that should be visible in consonance with the tax burden on public which

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hardly happens. Every now and then new ministers are inducted into the cabinet which in real terms is normally not necessarily to attend to the tasks of public interest but to appease certain particular individuals or the groups more utilisable from elections point of view. Ministers are too costly a burden in terms of the monthly emoluments they now draw, the enormous size of their perquisites and above all a large scale security provided to them. To be candid, security is some thing that is more needed by the common men in present day atmosphere of anarchy, loot, kidnapping,murders and all kinds of terror visible every where. Why provide Y+ or Z+ security to a selected lot? Why not manage a security system that helps all in the country? Election based activities may be of interest to those in power but certainly not the common people in the country.

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