Friday, 22 February 2008

Cursories on travellings

Travellings, plentifully rich as they are on material you come across while moving from place to place, are not only pleasantly relaxing, they are a great knowledge giver too besides what you see and enjoy. As a frequent traveller by air covering distant destinations for decades together, I did use to relish whatever I was able to glance upon. At domestic level while travelling between Delhi and Mumbai, I always used to opt for a flight that had its route via Ahmedabad ofcourse without landing there. Starting a little before Ahmedabad and continuing some sky

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distance thereafter, this zone was on most of the occasions full of thick clouds roving and moving like flying consonantly with the aircraft. The scenic beauty looked like it was directly caressing me on my face with a breazy touch feelwise. Thrilled and excited, I found myself sumptuously lost with a realisation as if I had most tender an embrace with the Nature. The roaming clouds looked like giving a message of service to the people in the world as it were they to rain water for a thirsty world for humans, animals, birds, creaters and who not on earth. What used to hover more in my mind was 'Abhigyan Shakuntalam' of the great Kalidas who symbolically used clouds to convey messages of the lover to his beloved. I used to think within myself how great it could be if humans on earth were able to derive necessary inspiration on the sense of service so glaringly manifest through the clouds.

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