Saturday, 29 March 2014

Isn’t it too much of a witch hunting?

Sahara chief Subrata Roy is denied bail by the Supreme Court of India continuously every time he applies for it. He was charged for contempt of court besides non compliance of the court’s order to make upfront payment to SEBI. The amount being too heavy his lawyer requested the court to relax it in which connection he gave an alternative proposal of package which was turned down at the outset itself. On his interim bail proposal the court’s condition is that he should provide sureties to the tune of 10,000 crores of rupees “out of which Rs 5,000 crores to be deposited before this court and for the balance a bank guarantee of a nationalised bank be furnished in favour of SEBI and be deposited before this court”. It appears that there is a deep rooted prejudice working against Subrata Roy as the court is treating with him in too harsh a manner in the name of law. Not necessary that all moneyed people have unlimited money at their quick disposal and certainly he might have offered the utmost he could. Law is blind, it is said, but those who sponsor it are after all humans only. Humanity demands that the torture he is undergoing be reasonably relaxed. Ultimately it is the law to take its course finally when there is the question of exonerating him of all the charges against him but he deserves some consideration in being granted an interim bail giving weightage to his constraints in making payment of otherwise too big a sum of amount. Moreover, he is in advancing age which factor normally the law considers in several cases and let him too be one such case.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Again an increase in ATM charges:

There is again an increase in the offing in ATM charges for the users as proposed by a bankers committee exclusively formed for the purpose. Even though there have been setbacks to several bankers on account of their huge NPAs they still had bigger profits overall but they continue having their eyes fixed on more and more profits every now and then increasing charges on different counts to be suffered by the clients. ATMs are now an area which have become the basic base of routine banking transactions for the common people and it is they who feel badly over taxed whenever transaction charges in their respect are increased. If there was even the least possible consideration for the common people, there was no case for proposing further increase in the charges in respect of ATMs at least.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

His choice should have been entertained:

L.K. Advani, the octogenarian leader of BJP, wanted to contest as a Member of Parliament this time from Bhopal as against his old constituency Gandhi Nagar. Disregarding his preference his party is giving him ticket from Gandhi Nagar. A leader of the stature of Advani’s very well deserved his choice having been duly entertained. After all it is he alongwith Atal Bihari Vajpai who could take the party to a pinnacle and status where it stands today. His is a Himalyan stature if the strength of the party is the concern and he should not have been treated as some Tom, Dick or Harry. On earlier occasions also several of his view points on the working of the party were ignored but at least in the matter of allotting him a constituency to contest the election there is apparently no reason in denying him his choice. Whose veto might have worked in in this regard is a different matter but, as it appears on the surface, it was a deliberate move to ridicule him, an action the people may not like.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One plus one makes eleven:

There is a fallacy that heavens won’t fall if a single individual doesn’t caste his/ her vote in the elections. One joining the other forms a chain and it may grow to millions of people. History has it that the government of Atal Bihari Vajpai, the then Prime Minister of India, had to fall against one vote only. Be it politics or any other area, at no level the weight of one vote can be undermined. It counts and it counts immeasuraby. None is privileged to cast more than one vote and it is a single vote only that assumes strength in large proportions when counted along with others. Why should any one feel shy of casting his/ her vote on the notion that a single vote is only insignificant. Napoleon used to say that a single soldier is as important to him as the army as a whole. Voting is an integral right bestowed to every citizen of the country by its constitution in any democracy and if it is allowed to go a waste it is a colossal damage to the very democratic system. Elections in India are just close by where people of the country would have the choice of forming their own government in which connection it is only a single vote that matters as it is counted in its totality. No conscious a person would ever like to allow his vote going in vain. Let it be taken as most religious a responsibility on the part of every voter in the country to fully utilize such a great authority vested in him/ her.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Share trading as a career:

Full of risk it is no doubt but for many it is a career building channel. Those who are risk conscious very well have the option of dealing in plain equities as against several other areas which are otherwise full of hazards and liable to cause havoc emerging out of heavy fluctuations in the share market. Yet there are thousands of traders who are able to earn in a sumptuous measure much  more than normal salary earners but this is a field where upheavals of a massive order are a common feature. Within minutes one may grow to the status of a millionaire or may dwindle down to the level of a pauper. Only those who can afford investing big sums are the people who can earn well but others too can go ahead with smaller investments if they avoid areas of risk and trade only in shares within a set time frames regularly watching the mood of the market. Better it is always to go for a moderate trading without unnecessarily feeling over greedy in the matter.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not just an actor:

A son inherits his name through his father’s and if this was the case with Amitabh Bachhan he would have been known as Amitabh Rai Bachhan like his father Harivansh Rai Bachhan, a renowned poet of his time. He is a Shahanshah of Indian film industry, a status none could occupy and the reputation and popularity which he commands remains un-parallel in the history of Bollywood. Though in advancing age, he still exceeds his contemporaries in calibre and stamina. Normally the actors attaining a stature of popularity get swayed by it and develop a tendency of a false grandeur but he is the one who is much above all this remaining as simple a man as one in the masses. He did have his own romantic affairs but he didn’t allow them to mar his marital life continuing to remain a good husband. He is an idol, and ideal too, as a son, a father, a father-in-law and a grand father remaining fully a committed family man. He is just a simple person sans any kind of ego and even a commoner from the streets can meet him. He sees to it that within family circles every one talks in Hindi, the national language and his mother tongue instead of English which is otherwise a fancy for many in our country, more so in the Bollywood. Much away from the grandeur and falsehood, he hardly has any ego. Many of his co stars who wanted to pose themselves as superior to him insisted the film producers for higher remuneration compared to him which gesture he never resisted, he rather simply compromised with whatever he was paid. Now a days he appears more in ads but that is again a field for him where he is getting as much of a popularity as he got in the films. He is an inspiration and an ideal for the people in different age groups be it the younger generation or be it the older ones. Let us wish him to continue inspiring generation after generation.

Monday, 10 March 2014


The world is full of gaieties
Full of pleasures in bounties
Full of comforts and luxuries
But no answer to my anxieties

Friday, 7 March 2014

Share market–if the current trend continues:

Rupee dollar ratio remaining within the reasonable confines of a workable range, the market is moving as at the moment in an encouraging direction with Sensex running at 340+ and Nifty at 100+. Showing a tendency of getting stagnated at certain levels, the index continues moving forward steadily. The political scenario as it is obtaining at the moment too is favourable to the market. May be this sign gets further accelerated with the dates of general election drawing closer. The share market is known for its own way of behaviour switching over to different modes of moves at its own mood and temper but what visibly appears on the surface is quite indicative of a healthy trend to suit the traders in all categories. Nothing is certain in any matter as to what is there in store for tomorrow but if the current wave is retained it is to indicate for sure most healthy a climate for the share market giving chance to the traders to have their heyday.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Petition to Rahul Gandhi on pension issues in State Bank of India:

A petition on the above topic has since been addressed to Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of the Congress Party, on my other blog ‘Avenues2’ as per the link given below:

An earnest appeal is made to all the sympathisers, well wishers besides pensioners themselves and the readers of this blog too to join the move as a welfare measure by signing the petition and I would owe them lot many thanks.