Saturday, 17 March 2007

She was a poet too !

Meena Kumari, an artist and a heart throb of millions of people in yester years, was not only an image of an ideal woman on the screen but equally a brilliant poetess. It is a different matter that she didn't get much of recognition on that count may be for the reason that whatever she wrote was a serious melancholy. Had she got necessary recognition which factor is normally a matter of chance not necessarily dependant on one's contribution, she could have been certainly got the same place of reputation like the one she got for films. One of her scriblings is quoted like this -

जलती बुझती सी रोशनी की तरह

सिमटा सिमटा सा एक मकां तनहा

याद करता रहेगा सदियों तक

छोड़ जायेंगे यह मकां तनहा

Thursday, 15 March 2007

हाथ में जो भी हैं लम्हात ....

वक़्त तो दामने दरिया कि लहर है समझो
जिन्दगी खाक से बढ़ कर है कुछ नहीं समझो
यह गुज़र जाएँ तो पलटेंगे कभी , नामुमकिन
हाथ में जो भी हैं लम्हात वही सच समझो .


Monday, 12 March 2007

मर्यादा प्रणय की

हुस्न बदनाम ना हो जाये
फिकर है हम को
बद्नियत इश्क न हो जाये
फिकर है हम को
अपने दामन की सफेदी को
संभाले रखना
बे अदब प्यार न हो जाये
फिकर है हम को

Sunday, 11 March 2007

An encounter with blogging!

I am a writer and opted blogging as a supplementary tool to give vent to my feelings and experiments. Things looked rosy initially only to elicit a barren outcome. I felt tempted by the literature of Adsense/ Googles/Sify for a lucrative return moneywise which again proved tobe a futile exercise. Wish there are not many others to fall prey to tempting ads as all that glitters is not gold. More dismaying a feature was that the sites where my posts were published as a bonafide member of Adsense couldn't procure a single 'impression' nor even viewers compared to my writings on different other sites where the list of viewers was much encouraging.

I feel confident of my writings and am sure that given an honest ‘impression’, they are capable of attracting viewers and also the clicks. Whenever I tried to lay my hands on the clues for no response level of my blogs, it took me to queries after queries leading me to a series of innumerable 'support' sites on endless web pages.Beyond templates, they don't have specific answer to whatever question you raise like one's voice is bound to remain in vacuum. Even paid ads administered through them land you no where.Can't say much about others but the taste of blogging I ventured to relish with a keen anxiety at the startup just culminated into a nightmarish experience. Whatever they display on the screen surface alluring the users is all to their gains allowing nothing for the writers who finally find themselves destined to land to a post from where they can only relish a horizon of hopes with nothing tangible resultwise. This has been my experience till now and I find myself anxious yet to see that it proves wrong.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

The Bird that killed herself for others!

A serious doubt started lurking in the minds of the people including brother of Lord Buddha himself about his credentials and bonafides as a saint Divine after he returned on attaining enlightenment –the reason being his soft corner for a woman –none else but Amrapalli, the one who had no parallel in beauty but was forced by the then elder men in the society to lead the life of a prostitute.Her request to Lord Buddha to visit her palatial house was affirmatively nodded by him and this caused all hue and cry.Buddha,the Enlightened, addressed them and storm of suspicion was visible no where after he,who was by then recognized by everyone as the one capable of seeing the past,the present,the future,narrated about what Amrapalli was in her earlier birth as a bird and that she was the serenemost a person with noblest soul on earth.This was the bird that got perished trying to save others.Her physical apparel could be any thing but in her actions and thoughts she is the one thoroughly chaste and pure concerned always for others.

A miniatured version of the story runs like this:

One of the creatures in a dense forest with a river flowing in the midst of it was a tiny bird.Drought occurred with famine of high magnitude.Fire brokeout engulfing all. Total inhabitation was at a collapsing point with dwellers running helter skelter to save their children against fire which nearly engulfed them leaving no time gap for them to escape.Nothing was there and the fire was assuming aggressively aggravating proportions set to devour the entire forest. The bird started dropping herself into water in the river flying back fully drenched to the top of the trees fluttering her wings and squeezing water therefrom to soften the flames. The God of rains Lord Indra laughted at her calling her action as ridiculous pointing out how silly it was on her part to show audacity against mighty flames. Reply of the bird was ‘you and the other Gods have the capacity to play any havoc or if it so pleases you you can equally remedy it by causing rains but since you care damn for others on earth you would’nt do it. I as one have to continue my efforts to do whatever little I can till the last breath of my life’. In the process the poor bird accepted being reduced to ashes.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Frailty thy name is (not) woman!

When Shakespeare observed ‘frailty thy name is woman’, he certainly had a most dignified and delicate a character in mind. His days were obviously different on the social front laden with a culture dominantly conservative but the intrinsic worth and the value based characteracteristics a gender carries are to a great extent eternal. He might never have thought that the word ‘frailty’ could some day be literally taken as weakness totally abandoning the virtuous grace, tenderness and delicacy of which a woman has been supposed to be the symbol for ages right after Adam and Eve came out of the caves and the male and female both started using some cover to their nudity. Now that many an areas are there where switchover to newer dimensions of culture and social behaviour are in vogue fullthroatedly justifying the move to any extent, the question arises whether inherent virtues and grace are compromised killing the basic fabric behind attraction of a gender.
The saying that where women are worshipped, Gods are there places the ladies at a level where they become the very source of attraction for the male gender.Today’s woman has become more a sex object than a matter of chaste beauty with the result that materialism has come to surface to the extent that a female (not a weaker sex) elicits nothing beyond a lusty gaze or a vulturous chase. A camera man who can manage the extremes of an exposure with nudity fully manifest on the surface is best admired and acclaimed. If a woman is a beauty just from her nudeness angle, what else is the obscenity. Those relishing only a robust exposure attempt to redefine obscenity as beauty in the name of ‘modern view’ are just mistaken as it is something that can’t be replaced simply by changing the name, nor it can alter something that is eternal and divine. More the nakedness, more the clappings could be the order of the day for some but if there is something like a soothing sereneness, it stands no where. The saying that ‘beauty lies the eyes that behold’ only caterorises the onlookers as those who solemnly admire and faithfully relish the glaringly transparent beauty of a woman abundantly rich in her intrinsic worth on one side and those on the other who brazenly prefer to gallop whatever form that meets their unbridled fancy with voluptuously surcharged hunger for flesh and loose laurels on that count.. Exposure beyond a certain limit is utter nakedness and that trend is growing as an order of the day.If it continues like this, the woman is destined to lose the chasteness of her beauty and charm –what is spposed to be left is an artificial praise for her by the lusty chaps depriving her of the inherent grace.

Why love is called blind?

There is nothing like a phenomenon that love is really blind। Love emerges as a spontaneous upsurge of powerful emotions culminating into a situation where a person gets involved virtually with heart and sould knowing no obstructions to it. It is actually the firmness in approach that counts –the firmness to adhere to the commitment between the two souls who, after love is generated between them, know no bounds, no limit, no demarcation, nothing sort of obstruction. It is this firmness and intensity that is very often given the name ‘blind’ by those who can’t afford to relish it, they rather envy. कमार्ताही प्रकृति क्रिपनास चेतना चेत्नेश said kalidas with emphasis that love is something never going by what is what, love is committed to itself in its totality never knowing any other criteria.

Saturday, 3 March 2007


As she confided to a friend of hers, she indicated that in the event she opted for suicide, she “would dress in a white nightgown, take an overdose of pills and go to bed. The sheets and spread would be white and she would have her hair and makeup done. A friend would be informed of the suicide to make sure that after her death she was neatly positioned and the bedroom was in order”. Surprisingly enough, what she fancied was virtually implemented.

Friday, 2 March 2007


When the day calls it a day, when a dusky evening enters the night -deep and dark, it opens up the gates for dawn to draw. The birds that retire to their nests when the dusk draws it is to start another day singing and chirping. This cycle of time is unending. Some thing that looks like an end is infact the beginning. Some thing that begins ends too, some thing that ends begins too. Perennially, perpetually and then eternally, the sequence lives, lives on, lives on for ever. A most powerful factor in itself as it is, this self generating sequence is the Immanent Will never knowing an end to its operations. Like this only are all the human beings, nay all beings in the world, who are born because they are to die, they die because they have to relive.

Thursday, 1 March 2007


On the top in the race for most covetous a post of America's President, Hillary Clinton is presently a most popular candidate if the consesus on that count collected by the media in different places is taken as factual. One designer passed a remark that to get accepted by the electorate in general she may have to 'drop her pants' switching over to the one popularly accepted by people in America particularly ladies. Hillary is otherwise a sober person competent enough to interact with the masses coupled with the factor that she has enough of experience with White House both from global significance angle and matters connected with household involvements in the President's house. Undoubtedly there can be hardly any difference of opinion that she is potentially a most strong candidate to make an ideal President more so as the first lady incumbent for the post.