Friday, 9 March 2007

Frailty thy name is (not) woman!

When Shakespeare observed ‘frailty thy name is woman’, he certainly had a most dignified and delicate a character in mind. His days were obviously different on the social front laden with a culture dominantly conservative but the intrinsic worth and the value based characteracteristics a gender carries are to a great extent eternal. He might never have thought that the word ‘frailty’ could some day be literally taken as weakness totally abandoning the virtuous grace, tenderness and delicacy of which a woman has been supposed to be the symbol for ages right after Adam and Eve came out of the caves and the male and female both started using some cover to their nudity. Now that many an areas are there where switchover to newer dimensions of culture and social behaviour are in vogue fullthroatedly justifying the move to any extent, the question arises whether inherent virtues and grace are compromised killing the basic fabric behind attraction of a gender.
The saying that where women are worshipped, Gods are there places the ladies at a level where they become the very source of attraction for the male gender.Today’s woman has become more a sex object than a matter of chaste beauty with the result that materialism has come to surface to the extent that a female (not a weaker sex) elicits nothing beyond a lusty gaze or a vulturous chase. A camera man who can manage the extremes of an exposure with nudity fully manifest on the surface is best admired and acclaimed. If a woman is a beauty just from her nudeness angle, what else is the obscenity. Those relishing only a robust exposure attempt to redefine obscenity as beauty in the name of ‘modern view’ are just mistaken as it is something that can’t be replaced simply by changing the name, nor it can alter something that is eternal and divine. More the nakedness, more the clappings could be the order of the day for some but if there is something like a soothing sereneness, it stands no where. The saying that ‘beauty lies the eyes that behold’ only caterorises the onlookers as those who solemnly admire and faithfully relish the glaringly transparent beauty of a woman abundantly rich in her intrinsic worth on one side and those on the other who brazenly prefer to gallop whatever form that meets their unbridled fancy with voluptuously surcharged hunger for flesh and loose laurels on that count.. Exposure beyond a certain limit is utter nakedness and that trend is growing as an order of the day.If it continues like this, the woman is destined to lose the chasteness of her beauty and charm –what is spposed to be left is an artificial praise for her by the lusty chaps depriving her of the inherent grace.


myso said...

Yes, frality thy name is not woman.

Garv said...

Yes, very correct