Saturday, 17 March 2007

She was a poet too !

Meena Kumari, an artist and a heart throb of millions of people in yester years, was not only an image of an ideal woman on the screen but equally a brilliant poetess. It is a different matter that she didn't get much of recognition on that count may be for the reason that whatever she wrote was a serious melancholy. Had she got necessary recognition which factor is normally a matter of chance not necessarily dependant on one's contribution, she could have been certainly got the same place of reputation like the one she got for films. One of her scriblings is quoted like this -

जलती बुझती सी रोशनी की तरह

सिमटा सिमटा सा एक मकां तनहा

याद करता रहेगा सदियों तक

छोड़ जायेंगे यह मकां तनहा

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