Thursday, 12 March 2009

A dawn that counts

Well begun is half done is the saying and if that holds good it can reasonably be construed that State Bank of India (SBISA), Lucknow Circle, is poised to move in a positive direction emerge as it does from the deliberations held in their conference held at Bareilly on 1st of March this year.The conference was preceded by their triennial elections, the event termed by the President elect K.K. Singh as a routine contest between different team(s) of the same discipline like it happens in any mutually played game without any individual prejudice or malice. The very note of harmony so set is capable of generating an element of cordiality amongst the membership in general which in turn may develop an overall climate of homogeneity that forms the very essence of any trade union organization free of any bitterness or disdain. Now that the duo in saddle K.K. Singh and Brijesh Mishra in their capacity as the President and the General Secretary of SBISA are to prove their mantle as leaders, they may have to work hard taking the responsibilities so assigned to them as a great challenge. The task is onerous and equally Herculean but is not untamable if they are able to apply the requisite will for the purpose.Their choice lies between cozy comforts and hard work and this determines whether they land no where or they are able to set land marks for success. K.K. Singh is a hard core puritan and work alcoholic with Brijesh Mishra as a moderate with a dashing touch making the combination worth some results. Much depends as to how they operate resorting to necessary work modalities. The very take off sounds encouraging in a way termable as a dawn for success orientation, the rest is for the future to spell out. All the best to the duo and their team.