Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What a breed of humans they belong to ?

They jump to fray, target their victims, kill them on the spot with no kind of any human consideration and their determination for the purpose is so strong that they don't bother at all for their own lives. Who they are? They are known with several names and more popularly as 'fidayeen' (suicide squad) directed by their masters in clear terms to continue their killing spree till they themselves get liquidated of their lives in the process or are killed. This is what happened in Mumbai in the last week of November'08.

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They are heavily paid for their unholy mission, the mission that persues destruction, annihilation and a doom. Targeting enemies is some thing one can understand as it is an instinctive ingredient in human brain and it equally obtains in animals and all the beings on earth but whose enemies are the innocent passers by in the streets or a babe clinging to its mothers lap totally ignorant of what are the happenings in the world and which sort of a revenge it amounts to in killing them so callously. The very stunt propagated by some that it is all done as Allah wants it to so happen and killings appease Him saying 'Allah ko pyari hai qurbani' is only a discovery made by those wanting to satisfy their own beastly tendencies satanically directed to torturing the fellow beings. No amount of stunts or falsely manufactured fallacies can justify the heinous crime of killing innocent people. Most grave a sin it is, it is unpardonable.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mere change of guards hardly matters

Home Minister of India till a day before Shivraj Patil is shown his way and is replaced by P. Chidambaram, till now the Finance Minister of India. Many quarters call him just as a tax minister as tangibly there has hardly been any thing he might have

done to get accepted as a popular leader in public. The Finance portfolio is retained by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself now which may not at all be of any public interest as whatever Chidambaram was doing as Finance Minister was only in compliance to what the Prime Minister wanted and obviously public has no reason to look for any thing more positive to serve their interest. No performance or merit but political compatibility has been the consideration behind appointing the ministers which approach has all along been responsible for induction of incompetent incumbents incharge into different ministries. Such a process allows even hard core criminals to fit into the system and join governance mechanism besides incompetent ones. Mumbai tragedy is a glaring instance of incompetent handling of the situation as the required foresightedness on the part of both the Central and State governments was highly lacking on their part. Change of guards may not serve any purpose as the artists are the same. There is no dearth of sycophants to shower unnecessary compliments on powers that be like I heard an industrialist praising the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for keeping the finance ministry charge with himself with the prediction that markets will now get a boost up and that share market is already assuming a great form on the very news of himself taking over as Finance Minister. How funny? There is nothing unusual in share market opening on a better note but what finally transpired is that the market was found to be in a worst possible shape (on 1/12/08, the date the changes were announced)like it has been happening for a long time. Assuming for a moment that the share market opened on a happy note was because of change in guards, it might have happened for the reason that the Finance Minister who had a fancy for imposing tax after tax is since out. An iconoclastic measure of drastically changing the very political fabric, limping and outmoded, is the need.

Monday, 1 December 2008

A thousand salutes to the martyrs

They laid down their life to save others, their martyrdom is the history the none can afford to forget and the way the Indian commandos carried out their mission of saving the hostages in Mumbai at Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Oberoi Hotel in the reckless attack on them killing many of them on the spot is now the house hold talk, and very rightly so, every where in the country. The chivalry, the courage, the dexterity and most masculine a performance on their part is a slap on the toothless leaders of the country who miserably failed to take a timely notice of the untoward. But for sheer negligence and a callous ignorance on the part of these leaders could have averted or atleast minimized the damage caused to human lives at Mumbai on 26th November and the casualities that followed for days together. The all time alert marine commandos offered their instant readiness to combat the aggression but, as always so usual in political circles, it took several hours for them to release necessary instructions. This delay again caused a heavy loss to the lives of the innocent people but for which several people could have been taken out of the jaws of death in the hands of merciless killers. The whole country knows it, nay the whole world has now to admire the unmatched strength, valour and dexterity of Indian commandos but for whose rescue operations no body knows how big could have been the number of casualities and the damage mainly including the very image of the country. The loss the country has incurred in the loss of life for several fighters who preferred death against submission with the sole aim of protecting others is immeasurable but their martyrdom will always keep them alive in the memories of the country men.We bow our head to these gallant fighters and offer them a thousand salutes.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is it a transgression on his part ?

Yoga guru Swami Ramdeo is now known so well all over the world as a yoga guru with hardly any parallel and is a house hold name in all the places. Yoga is old most Vedic science and he is the one who has given it a shape so easily adoptable by any one. Different modes of exercises he himself does prescribing them for the use of common men and women for a healthful body and mind are uniquely grand capable of generating awareness on fitness in most magnificent an order. His conviction that only a healthy mind and body can enable growth of a strong human generation is a great source of inspiration for all. Himself strong enough to work almost 20 hours a day, he has helped millions of people to overcome several of their ailments regaining health and the required form. Nothing like any hypocrisy in his teachings and discourses unlike many who practice sainthood as a commercial venture to suit their lusty desires. Currently ofcourse it is observed that he talks more of national political scenario highlighting his slogan with emphasis on organizing Yoga Hind battalion to generate a total awareness on nationalism. Quite meaningful an idea it is but this could be an area potentially liable to be turned to a full fledged politics and politics is some thing that inevitably pollutes any real service based mission. Let us wish that his image that is otherwise clean and unblemished doesn't get tarnished in the process.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Peculiar ways of security !

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Primary most as it is for all, security is a measure every one takes seriously. It is ofcourse a different matter that those who are holding the charge of it behave in a funniest possible order in quite big instances. As it obtains in abundance in cities like Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the most common strategy of police men on patrol is to puncture the cars and the bikes found parked outside the houses of their owner as they have no enough of space to keep them inside. Pointing out that the vehicles parked outside the houses have more of vulnerability on theft count and that their owners should find a safer place to keep them  is alright but causing them so much of damage by puncturing the tyres of the the vehicles can in no way be termed as any remedial measure sort of thing. It is infact done more as a measure of mischief for which police men are already known well every where particularly in North Indian states than for any reason of safety. Once travelling by train to Muzaffarpur in Bihar, I overheard a police man of a Sub Inspector's rank loudly boasting of having punctured hundreds of vehicles parked without any fence/ enclosure as if he was the one doing some very noble service to the vehicle owners.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

A sheer nonsense !

There is no dearth of people in business who by their conduct and approach make life so miserable for the consumers. Currently mobile companies appear to be on the top. Your plan and budgeting a mobile fails as against their manipulations. For Reliance, their Mobile World is so handy a tool for them to encash your handling if you happen to press some wrong key accidentally correction of which is awefull problematic for the reason that they only talk so much in the name of customer service whereas it is enormously difficult to find them available on phone; if at all available, they are not the ones to attend to you directly and find it convenient to advise you some alternative number which cycle goes on for several rounds with the result that finally you land no where remaining stuck up to your starting point only. If your complaint happens to be on excess/extraneous billing, they will discourage you on some count or the other and if at all they agree to what you complain, they will see to it that it takes maximum possible time enabling them to take advantage of money remaining with them which they didn't legitimately earn. BSNL guys are traditionally well known for these very types of irregularities. Not long ago Lot of people were victims to electric shock on account of defective battery components used by Nokia in their different types of sets. Keeping a mobile set costing four figures (LG/Reliance) I have undergone more than enough of such experiences and still unable to call it a day on that count. Infact there is nothing wrong if people complain that big companies make more of money not that legitimately but by hiding many of their mode of operation techniques from the consumers/customers.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Yoga for a better voice

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Better voice? Not the need of the singers alone but anxiety for many a people. Those who want to feel comfortable in talks and addresses, those who take classes in some discipline or the other, those who cherish a desire for good speaking, all need a voice that is impressive and appealing. No medicines, drugs or even herbs are needed for the purpose. A most convenient answer lies with yoga with no cost involved or any arduous mode of exercise to be practiced. The exercise is so simple that even those who are much in an advanced age can take it. It is one of the most easy and smooth parts of the breathing exercises known as 'Brahmari' in yoga. Exerting an small amount of pressure on top of the throat known as the upward end of windpipe, deep inhaling with an audible humming sound in a rhythm followed by an uninterrupted exhalation with repetitions one can easily afford and tolerate is all that a person is required to complete necessary session for the purpose. The exercise is repeatable 4-5 times a day. This clears the filthy layers of blockages in upper throat activating and energizing the veins in a better order restoring more of clarity and smoothness in voice. This one is a briefest possible account on voice exercise. Clarifications/ elaborations, if any, sought for the purpose are welcome on the email

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Why go to a doctor ?

All companies dealing in medicines and drugs invariably prescribe on their brand labels 'consult your doctor' and rightly so as doctors are supposed to be the appropriate channels for giving  correct medical opinions. It is ofcourse a different matter that what actually  transpires out of such a practice is hardly consonant to what the patient really expects. A few months back I had to go to a doctor at a prominent opthalmic centre who diagnosed cataract in both my eyes suggesting operation to which I readily agreed and to start with the eye chosen for the purpose by the doctor was the left one. I had clearly told him that in my routine I had no problem rather my vision for the purposes of reading, writing and working online on computer I was not required to use specs. Operation over with the doctor joyfully clarifying that the operation was a total success. A period of nearly eight months has since elapsed and I am badly handicapped a person in my table work. I am required to use different specs for the purpose -one for reading and writing, the other one for computer and a third one for car driving. Every time I 'consult' the doctor, he suggests a new drop which results into no result at all. This is one instance based on self experience. Such instances are many in the case of others. Doctors being professionals, their focus of consideration is money and not the patient. Surgical areas apart, the patients should infact see to it that they themselves are able to take precautions to ensure a better health for themselves minimising the chances to depend on the doctors. This is possible.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Modi(ing) a problem

Gujarat (India) Chief Minister Narendra Modi is recognised as a synonym to solution of problems in the State. Whatever be his credentials otherwise with which he is criticized by his critics, he is most popular a figure amongst the masses. Only the other day I was told a story about a local representative some where in the interiors of Gujarat sending a message to Narendra Modi on his personal website about a village where there was no drinking water available in the radius of several miles together and the people, particularly, the women folk, had to travel long distances to fetch water daily, an arduously a difficult task. The message was instantly attended to personally by the Chief Minister himself, immediate instructions were issued and within no time there was flood of water made accessible locally itself for the people. Looks like something utopian but it is after all a factual version by the people themselves. The President elect of America, Obama, has been hailed every where for launching his own personal website to facilitate even commoners to reach him online and Narendra Modi is the one who deserves all praise that the modus operendi so adopted by Obama was already introduced much earlier by Modi in his State and he was the fore runner on that count. Other leaders every where can very well draw a lesson and follow it if they have a genuine desire to reach the common people.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

If winter comes...

Markets all over the world are down deep to a level where not only corporate bodies but equally the retailers are on a swooning point, many of them already collapsed. The very fear that worst possible may yet be in store has overgripped all demoralising them to the extent that they are opting to refrain from any fresh initiatives in their business. The masters of predictions on different TV channels are beating the bush all the time without getting tired of predicting lies on share trading and other markets to keep morale of the traders intact obviously from their own marketing angle and they have been beating this track like drummers for the last several months. Times without number it has appeared in the news that bulls are to strike back soon against the bears  but it is all without any thing tangible visible on the surface. What is actually visible is a large scale gloom all over. The universal adage that if there is trouble there is relief too as supported by a part of an english poem "...if winter comes, can spring be far behind' is the line giving some solace to the aggrieved victims as against unnecessarily a fussy barren hope the so called predicters including the heavy weights in governance mechanism are trying to falsely generate. Better it is not to go by what they rottenly talk and the victims should instead apply their own patience with the conviction that every doom has to result into a recreation and that 'the light of smiles shall fill again the lids that overflow with tears'.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Story of rebirth !

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As sumptuously highlighted by the media channels, there is more of confirmation to the theory that life is a cycle that runs as a sequence birth after birth. Several scientists have been all through ruling out such a possibility but it appears they are reconciling to the phenomenon that death is followed by another birth. The story tellers have identifiably listed out certain celebrities exploding the news as to what they were in their earlier life. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Ex President of India Dr APJ Kalaam, Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh Khan are the ones forming the list. As claimed by the story tellers, Pt. Nehru was the reincarnation of the last Mughal ruling India Bahadur Shah Zafar, Dr Kalaam was Tipu Sultan in his earlier birth, Amitabh Bachhan was born as an American in his previous life, Shahrukh Khan was a great woman artist in theater and films in Kolkata before his current version of life. They also maintain that even the great scientist Homi Bhabha was the rebirth version of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan's father. If the authors of these stories are to be believed, it appears that another life after death is a certainty, that a person once born as a genius is supposed to remain a genius during all phases of cyclic births and rebirths and that the style and stature of a person in one particular life hardly undergoes any big change in subsequent births. The believers in rebirth have till now been talking that there is life after death but that it is not certain as to which type of life one gets on his/her rebirth -persons can get their next birth as animals, birds, beasts or some small creatures. The new story may be encouraging to them in the sense that they are invariably to remain humans in their rebirths. Scientists are working day and night with the hope that some day they shall be able to handle time factor in a manner that enables them to go through deepest possible past and even know as to what is there in store in future. These imaginations, if at all assume a tangible shape, shall obviously be a wonder for the mankind. It is a different matter that currently we may not believe them.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fatwa against Madhushala !

Long back in mid thirties, Harivansh Rai Bachhans's Madhushala was most exceedingly a hot topic not only for poetry lovers but people in general particularly the youth for the reasons that it had a great romantic note and that it boldly talked about alcohol. After more than seven decades, there is a fatwa issued by certain muslim clergies now with the contention that it talks of alcohol and that it pollutes the mind of youths. Looks like there were no youths in the country all these 73 years nor there were clerics during this period to realise the harm the book is likely to cause. What about Umar Khaiyyam, Mirza Ghalib and several other romantic poets who brazenly wrote on alcohol most suggestively talking of sex. There is hardly any one of them who didn't talk of wasl (sex). Compared to them what Harivansh Rai Bachhan wrote appears to be quite moderate. Urdu poetry is well known for a hecticly suggestive romance and those aptly covering this topic have all along been laudably acclaimed as best poets. Difficult to trace any thing absurd in Madhushala and whatever is there is just on a popular love note and that too in a chaste order. The love theme enunciated in Madhushala revolves  around wine not as a material object but is just symbolic to eternity. The lines Kabhi na til bhar khali hoga, lakh piyen do lakh piyen, Pathak gan hain peene wale pustak meri madhushal are an ample manifestation of serene thoughts lasting eternally. Reference of alcohol is in the same order like 'sharab-e-arghawan', 'jam-e-shabab', 'may-e-angoor' used by several urdu poets and one fails to understand as to why there is so much fuss over what Harivansh Rai Bachhan wrote. Madhushala was a rage amongst the then younger generation and rightfully continues to be so popular even today.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Why governance differs from state to state ?

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So vast a country as India is, there are several states, some of them as big as certain countries rather some of them bigger than them. Not necessary that all the states run similar on their governance modus operandi but it is difficult to find any cogent reason as to why they can't behave uniformly on principles of fundamentals like honesty, integrity and social cohesion. Why corruption in certain states is rampant to the extent of spoiling the atmoshphere of the state to the extent that a common man has to pass through a life full of an uneasy tension and suffocation with an alarmingly high amount of insecurity overgripping them all the time like states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in North India.  After all there are places where law and order is in order and people get a chance to lead their life peacefully. Exceptions apart, there are states who are doing so well like Gujarat under the rule of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister. Go to the remotest possible place there and you will invariably find people talking so good of him with paan wallas (betel sellers) keeping his photograph on their shop. This in itself is not a big thing but does speak well on popularity of the ruling Chief Minister. Security, development, cohesion and harmony in mutual relationship, the major ingredient of law and order, are all there. What an amount of peace it may be capable of securing to the people in general if other states follow the norms to give the society a better health in the shape of positive governance. If the captains of the states that are much notoriously known for a recklessly rampant law and order situatiion are incapable of taking necessary initiatives on their own, they can atleast follow those who are doing so well. Mahajane wa gatah so pantha is the saying that means following great men who lead a better path for the people in the interest of the state. No political prejudices should be allowed to stand in the way.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Obama, the beacon of hope !

It's Obama every where after he was declared elected to the topmost post of President of America. You talk to men in politics, you talk to a business man or you talk even to a ricksha puller, they are there to invariably mention this name, majority of them most respectfully. After all he is not just the one to join the big list of his predecessors, he looks to be the one just different, different not just because he is the first black President but more so because his innovative ideas are spreading all over the world like a storm generating expectations for a better tomorrow at global level, a tomorrow that takes care of an internationally laudable cohesion and overcome the gigantic problems like recession in his own country and globally rempant financial crisis. His slogan on univeral health care has already assumed popularity beyond proportions. Barack Hussein Obama, with his father being a Kenyan and mother a white is fully capable of giving an impression of being a citizen of the world as a whole without getting just confined to the status of just an American. On a question that his contacts with VVIP political heads in the world are meagre, his prompt reply that he is rich enough in his contacts with the people in general are welcome sumptuously every where. Abraham Lincoln, the great President of America, talked of "..unfinished work" in one of his historical speeches and it is so thrilling when the same is read with what Obama talked "....we as a people will get there". It is yet to take a little more time by which he finally joins the big office as President of America on 20th January next year but the very thought process so pronounced by him is a strong indication of much better things to come in days ahead. His launching a web site enabling people in general to have an access to him online is historically most welcome a sign. Long live Barack Obama.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Marriages free styled ?

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A solemn bond of companionship, marriage is the event that unites the two souls in love. It could be an arranged marriage or the one as love marriage. Advocates of love marriages talk of freedom much away from any kind of restrictions. True, when there are two persons in love with each other, they do have a case to go for marriage. This is alright but it certainly should not mean that every thing has to be done in a free styled manner. Shakespeare talked of 'love at first sight' which factor has all along been recognized as sublime, sweet and pure. Many a times this factor is misconstrued as a casual love. Casual love is the one that very much borders the lust sans the sereneness of love. How it is that most of the love marriages are a flop subsequently resulting into lot many quarrels and disputes. A boy or a girl, a man or a woman, go for a better partner in life has all along been the upper most worry for their parents and the family members who faithfully test all the credentials of the partner they finally select obviously with the result that such marriages are lasting ones in most of the cases. I remember a news item where an army officer was in love with some married woman and when pressed for marrying her, he flatly refused to do so saying that he was not supposed to marry all women or girls with whom he had dates. Dates are a common feature now and there are cine stars and several others who have declaredly a fancy to have different dates with different persons. All know that these dates are not just the mere meets and much more than this they are a togetherness culminating most often into sex. No gainsaying that caste, creed or religion should not be allowed to act as barriers for marriage but freedom on this count warrants an allowance only when the relationship between the two is of the kind that is neither casual nor a mere fancy nor just a matter of lust alone.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

So typical as they are !

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Google's Page Ranking tool is a phenomenon that suits many and equally hurts many. It remains a secret as to how they apply their modus operandi in determining the rank of a particular site. The affected lot are mostly the bloggers who toil hard to prepare their writeups on different topics expecting a better rank so that their  blog gets popularised. There are lucky ones who get a better ranking and equally there are writers who either get no notice or are ranked negatively. Reason? Difficult to ascertain as they hardly entertain any questions or queries on that count. I am a writer having number of blogs to place my posts on varying subjects. One of such blogs is with itself known as Google's own blog site. It was ranked 4, reduced to 3 and subsequently reduced further to 1. The more it progressed volume wise the more it was slashed down rank wise. My other  blog site with then with the readership of around 1800 was accorded rank 4 and by the time it reached 11,000+ I was expecting much better a rank. To my utter chagrin it was reduced to 2. Basis and the reason? I don't know. Applying my guess I just thought that the reason might be some sort of duplication as I quite innocently had a feeling when I started blogging that whatever I write is my property and I can use the same any where I like with the result that some of my posts were simultaneously used in my different sites but it was all quite in the beginning which practice I stopped long back presuming that may be it was something irregular although none had pointed it out to me. How surprising it is that initially when I used my posts with their reproduction on different sites of my own I hadd a higher rank and when I fully corrected myself on that count just on my own guess, my rank was blatantly reduced like my site with with rank 4 with readership of around 1800 and rank 2 with a readership of 11,000+. I quite realise there is no point in crying in the wilderness but treatment of this sort is certainly so much demoralising to the writers in general.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Virtually a chaos ?

The way stock market stands shattered now is virtually a chaos. Reduced to a level of destitutes there are thousands hankering for some support or the other. Sensex dragged down to a level below 10,000 sounds so devastating that investors both big and small find it just difficult to recover from the shock of damage. Although this is something that happened earlier too nearly a year and half back, this time it was too much of a dismay in the sense that it was a shock in deep sequence with running jolts one after the other giving them no gap to breathe. The masters monitoring Indian economy are not tired of boasting that it is all fully under control, inflation encouragingly shows a downward trend and so does oil market but then what are the factors that render all controls resultless. Is it really a sabotage as indicated by heads of several states including President of America? If so, how come they are unable to curb the manipulations? The very thought that the menace may aggravate further is highly terrifying and may virtually drag many an investors to the point of starvation. An investor calling on me was virtually in tears telling that his investment of 5 lakhs during last six months is reduced to merely 12% of its value, an instance that may apply to thousands of people.

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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Each move counts

Many a lessons and many a sermons on yoga and other physical exercises are there in plenty with no dearth of multifarious devices and modes for the purpose. Well, it is ideal if one is able to acquire proficiency in different forms of disciplining physical activities but it doesn't denote that no result is possible unless a person is thoroughly proficient in various exercise modes. One may just begin with a zero level of knowledge in the field. Physical system in itself is a workshop that enables a person to most leisurely direct his/her own curriculum generating activities. Doing nothing and still doing so much is the very nature of the Man. Sleeping, keeping awake, eating, talking, moving, smiling, laughing, playing and the likes are the activities essentially associated with any living being. Discipline these activities just moderately with a total compromise with your own body system and the harmony it generates is soothing and refreshing. Sleep is a bliss but you can't force it on you. You have to earn it with the simple process of taking things easy without any strain on your mental faculties. Every body eats but every body does not relish. Food stuff is not to be galloped, it is rather to be chewed and swallowed with ease which process not only enhances taste but doubles its energy properties. Walking is necessary but is not to be confused with strolling. Some people go on longer brisky walks after meals which is not advisable as it disturbs the system but can prove quite useful if it is done after a gap of atleast an hour after food intake. Limited strolling on a moderate note after meals is OK. Water intake during meals or immediately after it does not support the system but is advisable say half an hour later. Food intake apart, gaps in different activities play a vital role on health angle. Items being the same, their properties work differently depending upon the gaps in them. A well maintained cycle of actional gaps is a sure way to a better health and fitness.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Man proposes someone else disposes

Trading is not a pastime, it is the need, the need for sustentation, the need for earning some livelihood measure or the other. One of the latest modes in this direction is trading in shares, the kind of business not that popular in olden days. Today it appears as if the entire world is engrossed in this business. There are traders and also advisers, consultants, experts and specialists to advise as to how sumptuous earnings can be made overnight. Go by them and it looks like earning money and more money is just damn easy which phenomenon, when tested in practice, proves catastrophic only. Looks like the entire world bleeds profusely on that count currently, nay for quite a long time. Globally different governments are all helpless. No dearth of advices still but there is none that works. There are investors committing suicide, there are tens of thousands rendered jobless, there are yet millions facing starvations. 'Be bold, invest with a lion's heart courageouly, jo dar gaya woh mar gaya' is the advice appearing on TV as a routine feature. Adventurists on this count are the worst sufferers. Where are such advisers now? A well known expert on CNBC gave most rosy a picture nearly three weeks before announcing that it is now the dawn of the golden days and that days ahead are now to deliver boons in terms of monetary benefits in stock trading like it happened in the past. False. Nothing happened. What actually happened is just a chaos, a catastrophy, a doom. Looks like in situations like this man is just helpless and none is capable of knowing or pronouncing correctly as to what is there in store to occur. Is it that we see the monster with its wide open jaws in front of us to devour us with none traceable to rescue?

Sunday, 14 September 2008 Angry Big B hits back at MNS in blog

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Big B is correct and so is his wife Jaya in their remark on language. Although Big B was apologetic in his reactions for the satisfaction of Mumbaikars, there was infact no need for him to be that submissive. After all what was wrong in what the great cine star of yesteryears and wife of Big B said on opting a language to speak. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu or even Marathi or any other language is the right of the speaker herself/himself and one has no right to disrupt such a freedom with prejudice for a particular place in mind. States in our country were abolished  by the then leaders like Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel on the principle that all states are to be treated on equal footing without any individual prejudice. Now there are self styled leaders like Raj Thackarey who are out to destroy the very fabric of unity in the country for their own selfish goal. Jaya Bachhan quite justifiably said that Mumbai is not the property of any individual as it belongs to all and certainly it is not state to be viewed in isolation, it has to be viewed in the context of the Country as a whole. What right an individual like Raj Thakarey has to behave as a self styled champion for Mumbai. There is no justification for it. Both Jaya and Big B are fully correct in their expressions and country as a whole supports them. Angry Big B hits back at MNS in blog

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Panic on 10th September

The news that the world is coming to an end  on 10/9/08 let loose a day before by the media shook the globe causing a sort of havoc everywhere. Almost all the religions of the world talk of something like a Dooms day in some form or the other suggesting that some day sooner or later the whole world has to collapse bringing the live existence on earth to a nullity. There is no reason to dispute this belief as even scientifically it is believed that different forces on earth and also the stars continue clashing amongst themselves which process has to culminate into a doom. Law of Nature prevails and no amount of disputing it can alter the element of Destiny. Like everything is commercialised these days, so is the case with this phenomenon. Media took it as a hay day for attracting more of traffic to their sites on TV and internet. They highlighted the potential event in a manner as if they owe a solemn responsibility to convince all that the world was really to end on the 10th September this year and none is to survive thereafter. It was too much of an exaggeration. Potential events must be given due coverage but why they be given a shape beyond proportions is not understood. Causing too much of frightenings only demoralises the current human generation and this must not be taken as an area to commercialise it from marketing angle.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ecstasy of a robust romance !

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There was a time when love making had a take off with 'touch me not' gestures. This most powerful faculty in the human system has now all reasons to be explicit, bold and expressive from day one in love. Intensity wise love was the same when live being emerged on earth but expression wise it is the one phenomenon that has been undergoing tremendous changes. Humans moved bare bodied in Paleolithic age both male and female mixing up with each other just freely like animals having sex just as a running routine depending on the desire for it. Then it was a civilized world where they had to cover their bodies particularly women folk. Not free love but only restricted love it was with so much of purdah all around. Now is the age where an ample recognition is given to the fact that of all the urges and attractions love is the most powerful and it deserves opportunities for fullest possible manifestations. These opportunities are there in a great measure when there are events like championship on that count. VICTORY HAIR, a game event that is virtually hair raising in so far as the participation is concerned, is there to extend satiation to love lorns in a manner that is fully full of freedom without any thing ugly or sordid being there. Getting conversant with the game is somewhat ticklish but once familiarised it bountifully provides all that those young at heart hanker for. It is a cluster of curly hair on the girl's forehead or gush of twisted bold ones on the face of the male partner, it is they to form an encounter in love making before it spreads over to the other parts of the two bodies leading to a stage where ecstasy knows no bounds. Most worth watching a game indeed.

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Ultimate Flirting Championship
Victory Hair

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

What a gimmic on acquiring sympathy ?

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Releasing it as a very very big news, Mayawati, currently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, announced that she has since been able to trace her successor in politics. The name of the lucky man was kept a secret excepting a small hint that he is the one much younger in age to her's. Now that it is no more a secret as media has fully publicised it which ofcourse was the purpose behind bomblasting the news. The message she wanted to reach the masses was that her life is in danger and that urgency of the situation demands that her heir be announced. What urgency? The urgency that she is in hot waters because of criminal proceedings going on against her in her case of disproportionate wealth acquired without any recognisable sources of income. The urgency that she is left with no alternative but to depend on public sympathy to safeguard her interests. In our country public sympathy is most common a tool used by politicians to garner support from the people through which their attempt is always to rise above the law of the land to succeed in their motives. Unfortunately such a trick is available handy and works to the advantage of vested interests. Mayawati is no exception, this is the routine way the politicians as a class behave.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hindi Samachar

There is no dearth of people making some announcement or the other on share market behaviour. These days the great concern for the market and the investers in general is crude oil. If crude oil is fixed properly, this shall certainly be a  boon to the market as a whole. Frankly speaking there is no point in going by these so called foretellers, one should infact form his/her own opinion in the matter to proceed ahead with a definite mind persuing the goal meticulously.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Harvest of opportunities

Persons coming across no opportunity may call it a matter of luck but it is only absurd for those who get it in abundance and fail to avail of it. Network technology is a tempest that has overtaken every thing in the world without any visible parallel to it. Days are gone much far behind when network technology was simply a matter of an improved version of functional efficiency in offices. Much beyond all that now it is the salientmost tool that opens up flood gates for career potentially powerful in offering sumptuously rich horizons of future prospects. Oriental Vedic culture prescribes that nothing can be done unless there is a teacher to impart its pupils necessary skill and knowledge for a particular job. This is quite true but for this again one need not run from pillar to post in search of an individual teacher as every thing is available on internet itself which robustly acts as a full fledged encyclopaedia on career building, its type, nature and potentiality of a tangibly visible outcome. Leading a delegation on computers representing Banking Industry I had to visit several countries including USA, Canada, Germany and Japan having interaction with persons with vast knowledge and experience in the field and the feedback I was able to get from them was an eye opener to me. On many occasions I received these sessions of interaction as tools enormously supplanting whatever knowledge I claimed, ofcourse in a humble manner, to possess on the subject. Internet technology is the nest that nurtures, nourished and delivers the readily available exciting opportunities for those who care for themselves, need some career (which certainly they do as I do feel) and are inquisitive to lead their life in the manner that tomorrow demands. Network technology is an all pervading remedy for the purpose. There are powerful source channels like CISCO who are compactedly all in one.Cisco certification acts as friends, philosphers and guides in helping out all who find themselves anxious and inquisitive in the matters of career leading to a well built future, say exciting career.It is this juction where genuine anxiety on career and future invariably elicits genuine guidance, training and all requisite informations.Cisco certification
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Saturday, 26 July 2008

An apology of honesty

Phenomenon in political scenario is no different in any country but it is far exceedingly typical in India where honest practitioners can beat dishonest most ones when it comes to grabbing power or retaining it. What happened in Indian Parliament only the other day on the Prime Minister seeking vote of confidence is a glaring example of how the needful for the purpose is managed by means fair or foul using, nay misusing, power willfully ignoring even if it amounts to bribing the voter members of Parliament. Besides offering priviledged positions to many as a matter of deal even, as widely covered by the media, bribing in cash was no exception. Who did it and what was the modus operandi for the purpose are all matters of investigation which is ofcourse out of question as those involved in the process are heavy weight guys capable of manipulating every thing to their convenience and advantage. The champion of a big scandal known as Chara ghotala Lalu Yadav of Bihar being one of the most vocal spokesman in support of confidence vote playing all tricks and whatever vocabulary at his command in mustering necessary support. Government is an agency possessing all powers to grant any body any position like offering some one Chief Ministership of a State and his son a Deputy Chief Ministership irrespective of the fact that the man concerned was jailed on serious criminal charges.The man so convicted, when asked as to what he had finally decided on the question of supporting confidence vote, replied in his usual hypocritic style that whatever he has to do is to be done keeping overall interest of the State. Is it not that offering positions to secure a vested interest is nothing but a bribe only and blatant abuse of power.Overall scenario as it finally ended speaks volumes on sordid affairs as they obtain in our country. It is all so unfortunate.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Arousing aspirations beyond imaginable proportions

Dreams are there and they are there to match the reality. Dreams which are incapable of turning into reality are known as utopian. Currently it is virtually a tug of war going on amongst propagandists, advertisers and the media rubbing their nose to ensure that they succeed in arousing the aspirations and expectations of the people particularly the younger general and in the process they stretch their exercise too far with the result that it fails to match the tangibility element of the dreams. Giving a message that one has to think big and work hard to reach the goal is alright. Dreams with realism by their side culminate to a situation called the goal of an individual but barren aspirations hardly have any place to land and in most of the cases they flop only. Much exaggerated a publicity highlighting dreams and aspirations infact misleads the present generation or any generation at a given time as it lands them to indulging into negative activities to see their dreams materialising. This sort of diversion from positive to negative works as an incentive to corrupt the people. When a young man who has not even a thatched house to live as is the condition in our country in the case of millions of people and he is shown a most lavishly furnished house on TV he feels highly tempted and not necessary that he for this reason thinks of working hard, he rather tries to work out some short cut for the purpose which is possible conveniently by indulging into money making anti social activities. Better it is that the aspirations be aroused within a legitimate level that is possible to reach instead of giving feedbacks for something which is supposed to remain just utopian.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Date with Social Spark ?

Mind is a workshop where thoughts and ideas occur like torrential rains in directions both positive and negative like a hurricane. Doing a job and not doing it, taking up a task and abandoning it, pursuing a project and drop it in the midway are cycled and recycled many a times to the point of confusion and frustration leaving their mark as an ongoing tension. In the process one comes through exhilarating moments and too weak too at times. Matters could be trifling or important but mental process remains the same continuing with hovers chasing ideas one after the other. I am associated with Social Spark and their predecessor parents Pay Per Post as a blogger for quite some time relishing their system and modus operandi by and large. There have been moments when I thought of quitting in my weak moments with the thought as to why should I waste my energy and time in preparing cumbersome data to match their requirements in my posts for a petty sum of a few dollars followed instantly by another thought that there is no point in blaming them as after all they pay for the volume of work and if it falls short of the requirement why should they be the ones to offer me a sumptuous amount of money exgratia. Gaps in my writings have still been a sort of routine in my case thinking why a hell I should cause my readers in forcing my writings on them which, to me, could be a million dollar precious. Such a gap was much bigger this time and I ignored certain opportunities offered to me. I have a sort of some romantic attachment with the topics on technology and this time when it came my way my thought process gave me an alert not to ignore it making me to direct myself to the task. Not certain how long I can be serious on sticking to this renewed interest but I do feel like earnestly adhering to my dates with Social Spark/ Pay Per Post more faithfully. May be those who read this post brand me as a cynic changing approach every now and then as against my otherwise well known conviction to stick to ideas in a firm order but certainly the situational variations are the ones that form human weakness.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dirt Devil Accucharge -A revolution in cleaning

deal_flow_699[1] Cleaning and dusting is a routine household task and this process is las old as the civilization itsellf. Even the sages leading a secluded life in jungles used to do cleaning of their ashrams to keep the atmosphere environmentally soothing. No technology in those days and the concerned individuals had to resort to using brooms, their solitary weapon available those days. The system travelled like various other modes in use of the people that time to improved versions for the purposes of cleaning. Vacuum cleaners produced as the then latest and most sophiscated weapons which were taken as the last work on cleaning and dusting. Technology knows no stop and this happened in this area too. Use of normal vacuum cleaners was a process that all the time kept the user hooked to full length wires causing problems in movement while user trying to fix his/her target. Now that a system is evolved to get rid of bunch of wires, the user may find it damn easy and interesting too to move from target to target. Thanks to Dirt Devil Accucharge who could make it to see that every thing on cleaning goes amply smooth. Users running helter skelter in their kitchen, bedrooms, drawing room for a fool proof sweeping chasing cockroaches, flies, variety of ants as if they were on a hunting spree may no more be a scenario with Dirt Devil Accucharge playing the monstrous devil to bestowing a natural fragrance that cleanliness is capable of rendering. The news that the producers of Dirt Devil Accucharge are not the ones to stop at it and are moving the Accucharge technology forward to a colourful outcome in the form of colour cleaning products. Difficult to resist the temptation of using these products unless there are stiff necked traditionalists who culturally can't afford to do away with the brooms they have been using for several decades.Energy friendly this tool is a wonder. Dirt Devil

Energy Star

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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Is it that the Ganges will go dry

The most pious a river Ganges, Ganga as it is called in India since ages, has been facing several onslughts of different kinds for quite a long time and a look to its stream shows that the earlier ferouciously aggressive current is now much lagging behind in force and strength as against what it was say some years back. Ganga water in the past was pure, pious and fully free of pollution and now the position is just reverse. Several dranages full of filth and night soil, several channels of wastes from slaughter houses are diverted to it and all cries to save the Ganga from them are only the ones in wilderness. But for river Jamuna joining it at Sangam in Allahabad its flow might have been reduced to that of a nallah. Position is much worse in Kanpur where there are many who claim that they can just cross the river on certain points on foot without even knowing any swimming art. Good sign is that eminent reformist and yoga guru Swami Ramdeo has taken cudgels to fight against the elements who are instrumental in exploiting it and he is making all out efforts to rejuvenitate it to its earlier glory. Hopefully he succeeds.If not, a doom is in the offing for the holy river worshipped by millions of people as mother goddess for thousands of centuries.

When train service was introduced in India

It was some thing uniquely novel for people in India to see an iron wheeled vehicle moving on steel tracks with its engine blowing up a thick cloud of smoke. Their initial reaction was that it was a bad omen for the country and  it will sure bring disaster. They ofcourse did not gherao the administration nor they lay infront of the railway engine on the tracks to express their protest as nothing sort of such practice was then obtaining. Slowly they started reconciling and finally they started worshipping the move by garlanding the railway engine with customery rituals acknowledging that it was something so useful for the people. The train then used to be a small cluster of a limited number of bogies. As history has it there used to be some resistance in those days against any thing that was new to customs and practices of whatever kind prevalent in the society at the outset but it hardly took much time for them to reconcile to the novelties. The very nature of dogmatism and traditionalism is to resist any modification to it initially but soon the novelties are adopted.

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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Struggling to attend a task

We are proud Indians, proud of our country, our culture, our history. We are infact selflessly proud of our nation as if we try to put material reasoning behind it it just fails. No safe drinking water, no roads, no sanitation, no electricity but it is our commitment and the very bond of attachment we have with our country that making us proud citizens. Committed patriots as we are we are not to hear any thing that undermines the prestige and image of our Bharat Mata and there is no dearth of professional politicians who are available in an abundant number to take advantage of this weakness of ours. We can't afford putting our bond of love for the country to test knowing as we do that there it is a flop for us. We believe in work as we have been hearing since our childhood that 'work is worship' but factually speaking such a worship is hardly practiceable. Only the other day I made a note of preparing certain writeups  for my blogs going through different references which I had to peruse in several breaks as the electricity supply was there as a matter of only glimpses never lasting for more than a few minutes. My inverter already failed because there was no charging in the absence of electricity supply. Kept waiting for the light sitting in the dark in my office. Half an hour, an hour, 2 hours and then it appeared after 4 hours. Felt happy that I could now finish my work taking my laptop into confidence. No it was not to happen as immediately after a few minutes work my laptop stopped again for the reason that no supply of power was there. And like this it is now a matter of 4 days plus that I am struggling to complete my writeups dutifully as my hosts expect me to do but every time I try I miserably fail realising that we are living in a world where we can have any amount of talks on progress and development but are not situationally placed to make any contribution to it work wise, job wise.

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Ranbaxy in new hands

Now that India's largest pharmaceutical company is sold to Japan's Daiichi Sankyo for $4.6 billion it is head for much bigger dimensions in pharmaceuticals business. Daiichi Sankyo is already third biggest drug maker and acquiring Ranbaxy to its fold is sure to develop much more a commanding position in the market of pharmaceuticals. There are already positive fluctuations in share market for Ranbaxy and after the deal gets fully settled there are quite chances that it will stablise to the advantage of the community.  More importantly significant move on their part is that they are taking it as a mission to produce cheaper and moderately priced drugs for those who can't afford costly medicines. Hopefully they succeed in their mission.

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Monday, 9 June 2008

How many demarcations ?

As it stands today society is already divided into lot many segments, males and females, old and young, this caste and that case, this religion and that religion with no end to several barriers and demarcations. Suit as it does to the managers of politics, every now and then they come out with new theory of divisions or some old one is given a heightened intensity. Watching TV the other day I came a cross some dialogue going on between the interviewer and an invited guest being a political heavy weight who was suggesting his own theory of improving different alarming situations obtaining in our country telling that if some one from younger generation is there as Prime Minister of the country every problem can be solved. Funny. It is understandable that one who occupies as august an office as that of Prime Minister of India must be physically fit to discharge his/her duties but that such a person should be young or old doesn't sound reasonable nor logical. Is it that all the younger people are physically fit or are all the older persons physically incapable of doing their work. Such propositions are there to highlight some particular prejudice to suit the proposers hidden agenda to accommodate a specified person to meet their interest. Basically in our country it is not the question of young or old that determines the social order, it is infact dishonestly practiced prejudices on the part of vested interests that spoil the total scenario.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A tip on using car AC

Car without AC ? No pleasure. A car with AC without using it all the time is considered irrelevant. OK, it is better, if one can afford it, to go for a car with AC but what is needfully warranted is that it should be used in a reasoned manner. Erratic use of it without caring for as to when should it be used and when it should not only results into wastage of fuel and also causes hazards to health like there are people who travel in extremely hot weather with air condition of the car on and they will only stop it when the car reaches the destination with passengers coming out of it in the scorching sun. The clash between the two extremes of climate, inside the car and outside, instantly disturbs the body system and the travellers may fall sick, at times critically. The proper way is to stop the AC a few minutes before the destination is reached which moderates the intensity of the situation taking care that there is nothing untoward.

Money goes to money

Money goes to money is the saying, a saying that virtually holds good in all instances. Monied people invest more and the results it yields are enormous. Poor people have nothing to invest and the results in their case are zero only. Some poor person took the saying innocently and somehow managed a one rupee coin. He went to a local branch of some bank showing that one rupee coin on the counter with the temptation that this action on his part was sure to elicit more money in return as per saying. The coin slipped from his hand and was lost obviously to be traced later by the staff crediting the same to cash in bank's strong room. The guy trying to fetch more money started crying on the loss telling how come his coin didn't attract cash in terms of the saying. Reply was given to him that the saying was quite true as his money was attracted by money only, the money in the bank. It is actually as per universal norms where more amount of money grabs smaller amounts of it.

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In plain sight

Indicative of normal plain views as the Inplainsight looks to be it is infact full of meaningful messages on life and varying patterns of it. One may find it so interesting to find out semblances of near and dear equally friends. As I could lay my vision to one of them I found it somewhat resembling to a friend of mine but then while measuring it more thoroughly I felt like finding some fault or the other here and there like her nose might have been more moderately tiny or her looks more romantically aggressive to match my friend's to whom I have sent the relative video and email message inviting her reactions on the topic. Tracing some peculiar personna angle in vedeo pictures is an interesting feature and I do feel anxious to see more of such quiz oriented items.USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight
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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Playing with the life of the passengers

Train or Plane, bullock cart or a bicycle, tractor or a crane, horse or a donkey, an elephant or cattles, the riders are, and they have to be, conscious of their security to lead them to safe landing. Who is supposed to take more care, riders themselves or the channels providing the souce ? Factually it is both but there are carriers where passengers have no role like while travelling by air. What precautions a passenger by air has to apply when the concerned pilot(s) go drowsy in the cockpit. Infact there are no effective rules for the purpose nor there is any adherence to the point that flying hours for the pilots must be restricted to a number where they don't get tired and that there should be a provision that rules for necessary rest and relaxation must compulsorily be there. Directorate General of Civil Aviation introduced necessary rules for the purpose but no sooner they were ready they were postponed for the reasons best known to them only. Think of a situation when there are large number of passengers travelling in a plane and the concerned pilot goes sleepy rubbing his eyes to overcome it but fails, what a disaster it may bring, what a tragic mishap it may cause. Those managing airlines matters in India are giving the problem only a secondary rate importance and not the real seriousness it warrants. It amounts to callousness only.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

They are much more than entertainers

Small stage shows, road site performance and also Nautanki were the routine source of entertainment in olden days and the performers were not the star status people. They were taken so lightly and the society denied them any status worth any recognition. It improved. Silent cinema followed. And then there was voice too. Persons from status families started joining films. The primary requirement for the actors and the actresses was that besides playing their role they should also be singers themselves. This again was followed by play back singing. Now that the total scenario as undergone a sea change. The element of an inbuilt disdain obtaining earlier against the entertainers is left far away behind and they are now respected people, they are the great personalities and many of them the renowned celebrities. Number of them are highly qualified academically as against earlier days when such a feature was something so rare. Dilip Kumar as a graduate and Kamini Kaushal as B.A. (Hons) were considered as a phenomenon of exception. As a group or say as a class they are practically the ones who are acting as friends, philosophers and guides for the society as a whole through their most skilled and powerfull roles covering the multifarious interests of the people. They are a respected lot now deserving all possible recognition.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

A peep into past and it opens up a treasure of worthwhile melodies

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yoga sans practice on art of living ?

Yoga's popularity growing by leaps and bounds is a clear message that this vedic science is recognized by all and sundry as an effective measure to moniter one's health with a well difined system for the purpose. Like it happens with any thing getting popular that when its growth starts its misuse too comes into picture. People use it and also misuse it. You go to any yoga session, the very common scene is that of rich people with bulky bodies and body level bulging out disproportionately. Rich as they are they can well afford any mode of treatment irrespective of the cost involved and they feel that can purchase any thing they want from the market including health. It is not a desirable way of approach as yoga fails to give the required impact if necessary required discipline in living pattern is not strictly adhered to. Austerity measures on food intake time, physical movements and balanced diet are the essential ingrediants in yoga which, if followed strictly, prove capable of giving wonderful results.

Over radiation is hazarduous

Patients are not doctors and they faithfully go by whatever medical advice they receieve from. Doctors hardly bother to advise their patients that over radiation is a great hazard and its repetition may lead to even cancer. Physicians are competent persons or say they are supposed to behave as such but they don't, they rather are the ones contributing to number of xrays being increased which they do under the garb of going by a trustworthy one which statement is not correct as this they do for their commercial reasons by doing it themselves. As per survey made by International Atomic Energy Agency, more the number of x-rays, more the chances of the patients developing cancer. This can better be remedied when patients themselves are cautious enough to see that x-rays are there only need based and not as a matter of spree with repetitions.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth
Ajanta, Elora or even Elephanta or various other caves in the country are not mere the work of sculpture, they carry a tremendous amount of messege on society and culture might have been obtaining those days thousands of years backs. These sculptures covering Lord Budha in different parts of the world or opposite to that the other ones like Khajuraho temples or Sun temple directed to sex postures have their own significance. The only requirement is that the viewers have tobe positive in their outlook without any prejudice for a particular cult or sex.c
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Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth
Cheer girls in plenty? Yeh, they are there for entertainment for cricketers as well as viewers whose number has grown in large proportions as bigger portion of theirs is there not so much for the crickerts playing on the ground but for the cheer girls. Their indescent postures many a times during their performance are not to be taken as such as public vote is in their favour. I was searching Picasa for some photograph of Nelson Mandela for my writeup, I failed to trace any out of a total of 3 pictures. In the same sequence I glanced over the most exciting photograph of cheer girls whose photographs exceeded around 900 in number. What did this difference mean ? Obviously it is not some Nelson Mandela or the other who is that much in demand, it is the cheer girls with baring gestures who are so much wanted and accordingly their photographs are there in supply to meet the demand.
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Question mark on integrity

Integrity may not be a feature available inbuilt, one has to try and see that it is acquired through necessary behavioural pattern. Organisations or individuals all have to work in that direction. Collective will on the part of individuals belonging to an organisation brings and keeps it above board. The latest news on date(3/6/08) of a CBI raid on the office and residence of a senior level office bearer belonging to State Bank of India Staff Association at Patna raises several questions -whether there could be any truth in the allegations that he acquired wealth including property much disproportionate to his normal income or it is just a witch hunting at the instance of interested quarters or some other game plan shot up by his rivals with concocted stories. Whatever it is, the damage to the image of State Bank of India Staff Association is already caused image wise and also to the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation to which it is affiliated at the apex level. It equally sounds as a slur on the image and integrity of State Bank of India itself as the concerned unions belong to it with their representatives serving as its employees. Hopefully the representative concerned comes out clean with his acceptable explanations in the matter saving prestige and status of both the union and the bank but there is no reason for them to ignore it just as a triviality as it is nothing short of an alarm signal for many.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Innocently fearless

Hunters visiting forest with full paraphernelia boasting of their shooting capabilities is a common scene, most of them being poachers. They are abundantly equipped with arms and other accessories for the purpose. This exercise is normally for commercial purpose but there are people resorting to hunting as a move of chivalary on their part. In earlier days there was nothing like poaching and hunting took place normally to do away with a menace on account of wild animals including tigers or even wild dogs making intrusions in the nearby villages killing goats and other cattle and also injuring and killing humans mainly children. My father being on a personal visit to Nishangara range of forest on Nepal border, he was approached by the locals there complaining against such untoward incidents occurring very often with mention of one particular tiger requesting him to remedy the menace by killing it. My father was a sharp shooter and he took the job to himself. Accompanied by a few others he entered the forest in a bullock cart. The villagers had already given him necessary clues as to where the tiger could be hiding himself. Near the spot he targetted the tiger and fired from his rifle. It missed as the tiger was hiding himself deep in the den behind thickly bushes and trees. There was a big roar cleaving the atmosphere making every body terror stricken. A local shepherd who accompanied my father asked for a permission to enter deep inside the bushes and recover the bullet that was fired ingnorant as he was that once bullet goes out of the barrel it was a consumed item no more of any worth. My father lambasted him telling that the tiger is just a few yards away and how come he was throwing himself into the jaws of death. His reply was '..don't worry sir, I have this axe with me' to face the beast. My father was amazed but admired so brave and courageous a gesture on the part of the shepherd. This was by all means an innocent act of a great bravery which feature is not uncommon for the villagers residing close to a forest.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai -Waheeda Rahman/Devanand

Not just a song, it gives lot of a message on life. Live life, live it with a conviction and courage is the message to inspire those who for some reason or the other suffer from despondency.

MOHD RAFI - LIVE - Suhani raat (twice)

Mohd Rafi's was an era in itself. His was an unforgettable performance still ringing in the minds of the people of not only this country but all over the world.

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Old order changeth to new one

Old or new, it is infact the order that changes from one version to another. Nothing new infact. Looking at this car model, thanks to YouTube, as I see it I think of the very very old models and if the look based on ultra modern technicalities is ignored the very frame is the same old one.
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YouTube - Dilip Kumar Ajit - Scene from Mughal-E-Azam

YouTube - Dilip Kumar Ajit - Scene from Mughal-E-Azam

Dilip Kumar, Ajit, Madhubala are the legendary figures which not only the film world but the whole country can never forget. They are the ones who were not only relevant for their roles when they performed it but are equally relevant today. Passage of time can't be relevant to them. Yesterday, today and even tomorrow their relavance is eternally to continue.
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Parodied precepts

Sermons carry weight, more so in religious context, precepts including those with rhymes are important and they are in vogue for ages. Some thing that becomes a routine is always prone to forming a ritual and rituals in course of time are more prone to assuming a professional angle or say a practice with commercial considerations. In turn these very commercial considerations start diverting from their originality taking the shape the viewers want it which only means giving them a modern most colour and impact. This is what is rampant presently with Gods and Goddesses caricatured to suit the audience with the result that they are transformed to the level of gimmiks. Sermon pronouncers adopt all sorts of tactics to woo the audience in any religious congregation. Looks like parodying the scriptures. Much away from grace, the total show grows to vulgarity as if in the materialism dominated society everthing including religion is nothing but a commercial deal.
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