Sunday, 8 June 2008

A tip on using car AC

Car without AC ? No pleasure. A car with AC without using it all the time is considered irrelevant. OK, it is better, if one can afford it, to go for a car with AC but what is needfully warranted is that it should be used in a reasoned manner. Erratic use of it without caring for as to when should it be used and when it should not only results into wastage of fuel and also causes hazards to health like there are people who travel in extremely hot weather with air condition of the car on and they will only stop it when the car reaches the destination with passengers coming out of it in the scorching sun. The clash between the two extremes of climate, inside the car and outside, instantly disturbs the body system and the travellers may fall sick, at times critically. The proper way is to stop the AC a few minutes before the destination is reached which moderates the intensity of the situation taking care that there is nothing untoward.

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