Sunday, 15 June 2008

When train service was introduced in India

It was some thing uniquely novel for people in India to see an iron wheeled vehicle moving on steel tracks with its engine blowing up a thick cloud of smoke. Their initial reaction was that it was a bad omen for the country and  it will sure bring disaster. They ofcourse did not gherao the administration nor they lay infront of the railway engine on the tracks to express their protest as nothing sort of such practice was then obtaining. Slowly they started reconciling and finally they started worshipping the move by garlanding the railway engine with customery rituals acknowledging that it was something so useful for the people. The train then used to be a small cluster of a limited number of bogies. As history has it there used to be some resistance in those days against any thing that was new to customs and practices of whatever kind prevalent in the society at the outset but it hardly took much time for them to reconcile to the novelties. The very nature of dogmatism and traditionalism is to resist any modification to it initially but soon the novelties are adopted.

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