Sunday, 8 June 2008

Money goes to money

Money goes to money is the saying, a saying that virtually holds good in all instances. Monied people invest more and the results it yields are enormous. Poor people have nothing to invest and the results in their case are zero only. Some poor person took the saying innocently and somehow managed a one rupee coin. He went to a local branch of some bank showing that one rupee coin on the counter with the temptation that this action on his part was sure to elicit more money in return as per saying. The coin slipped from his hand and was lost obviously to be traced later by the staff crediting the same to cash in bank's strong room. The guy trying to fetch more money started crying on the loss telling how come his coin didn't attract cash in terms of the saying. Reply was given to him that the saying was quite true as his money was attracted by money only, the money in the bank. It is actually as per universal norms where more amount of money grabs smaller amounts of it.

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