Saturday, 14 June 2008

Struggling to attend a task

We are proud Indians, proud of our country, our culture, our history. We are infact selflessly proud of our nation as if we try to put material reasoning behind it it just fails. No safe drinking water, no roads, no sanitation, no electricity but it is our commitment and the very bond of attachment we have with our country that making us proud citizens. Committed patriots as we are we are not to hear any thing that undermines the prestige and image of our Bharat Mata and there is no dearth of professional politicians who are available in an abundant number to take advantage of this weakness of ours. We can't afford putting our bond of love for the country to test knowing as we do that there it is a flop for us. We believe in work as we have been hearing since our childhood that 'work is worship' but factually speaking such a worship is hardly practiceable. Only the other day I made a note of preparing certain writeups  for my blogs going through different references which I had to peruse in several breaks as the electricity supply was there as a matter of only glimpses never lasting for more than a few minutes. My inverter already failed because there was no charging in the absence of electricity supply. Kept waiting for the light sitting in the dark in my office. Half an hour, an hour, 2 hours and then it appeared after 4 hours. Felt happy that I could now finish my work taking my laptop into confidence. No it was not to happen as immediately after a few minutes work my laptop stopped again for the reason that no supply of power was there. And like this it is now a matter of 4 days plus that I am struggling to complete my writeups dutifully as my hosts expect me to do but every time I try I miserably fail realising that we are living in a world where we can have any amount of talks on progress and development but are not situationally placed to make any contribution to it work wise, job wise.

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