Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Yoga sans practice on art of living ?

Yoga's popularity growing by leaps and bounds is a clear message that this vedic science is recognized by all and sundry as an effective measure to moniter one's health with a well difined system for the purpose. Like it happens with any thing getting popular that when its growth starts its misuse too comes into picture. People use it and also misuse it. You go to any yoga session, the very common scene is that of rich people with bulky bodies and body level bulging out disproportionately. Rich as they are they can well afford any mode of treatment irrespective of the cost involved and they feel that can purchase any thing they want from the market including health. It is not a desirable way of approach as yoga fails to give the required impact if necessary required discipline in living pattern is not strictly adhered to. Austerity measures on food intake time, physical movements and balanced diet are the essential ingrediants in yoga which, if followed strictly, prove capable of giving wonderful results.

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