Sunday, 15 June 2008

Is it that the Ganges will go dry

The most pious a river Ganges, Ganga as it is called in India since ages, has been facing several onslughts of different kinds for quite a long time and a look to its stream shows that the earlier ferouciously aggressive current is now much lagging behind in force and strength as against what it was say some years back. Ganga water in the past was pure, pious and fully free of pollution and now the position is just reverse. Several dranages full of filth and night soil, several channels of wastes from slaughter houses are diverted to it and all cries to save the Ganga from them are only the ones in wilderness. But for river Jamuna joining it at Sangam in Allahabad its flow might have been reduced to that of a nallah. Position is much worse in Kanpur where there are many who claim that they can just cross the river on certain points on foot without even knowing any swimming art. Good sign is that eminent reformist and yoga guru Swami Ramdeo has taken cudgels to fight against the elements who are instrumental in exploiting it and he is making all out efforts to rejuvenitate it to its earlier glory. Hopefully he succeeds.If not, a doom is in the offing for the holy river worshipped by millions of people as mother goddess for thousands of centuries.

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