Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth

Picasa Web Albums - neelkanth
Cheer girls in plenty? Yeh, they are there for entertainment for cricketers as well as viewers whose number has grown in large proportions as bigger portion of theirs is there not so much for the crickerts playing on the ground but for the cheer girls. Their indescent postures many a times during their performance are not to be taken as such as public vote is in their favour. I was searching Picasa for some photograph of Nelson Mandela for my writeup, I failed to trace any out of a total of 3 pictures. In the same sequence I glanced over the most exciting photograph of cheer girls whose photographs exceeded around 900 in number. What did this difference mean ? Obviously it is not some Nelson Mandela or the other who is that much in demand, it is the cheer girls with baring gestures who are so much wanted and accordingly their photographs are there in supply to meet the demand.
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