Monday, 9 June 2008

How many demarcations ?

As it stands today society is already divided into lot many segments, males and females, old and young, this caste and that case, this religion and that religion with no end to several barriers and demarcations. Suit as it does to the managers of politics, every now and then they come out with new theory of divisions or some old one is given a heightened intensity. Watching TV the other day I came a cross some dialogue going on between the interviewer and an invited guest being a political heavy weight who was suggesting his own theory of improving different alarming situations obtaining in our country telling that if some one from younger generation is there as Prime Minister of the country every problem can be solved. Funny. It is understandable that one who occupies as august an office as that of Prime Minister of India must be physically fit to discharge his/her duties but that such a person should be young or old doesn't sound reasonable nor logical. Is it that all the younger people are physically fit or are all the older persons physically incapable of doing their work. Such propositions are there to highlight some particular prejudice to suit the proposers hidden agenda to accommodate a specified person to meet their interest. Basically in our country it is not the question of young or old that determines the social order, it is infact dishonestly practiced prejudices on the part of vested interests that spoil the total scenario.

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