Thursday, 5 June 2008

They are much more than entertainers

Small stage shows, road site performance and also Nautanki were the routine source of entertainment in olden days and the performers were not the star status people. They were taken so lightly and the society denied them any status worth any recognition. It improved. Silent cinema followed. And then there was voice too. Persons from status families started joining films. The primary requirement for the actors and the actresses was that besides playing their role they should also be singers themselves. This again was followed by play back singing. Now that the total scenario as undergone a sea change. The element of an inbuilt disdain obtaining earlier against the entertainers is left far away behind and they are now respected people, they are the great personalities and many of them the renowned celebrities. Number of them are highly qualified academically as against earlier days when such a feature was something so rare. Dilip Kumar as a graduate and Kamini Kaushal as B.A. (Hons) were considered as a phenomenon of exception. As a group or say as a class they are practically the ones who are acting as friends, philosophers and guides for the society as a whole through their most skilled and powerfull roles covering the multifarious interests of the people. They are a respected lot now deserving all possible recognition.
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