Sunday, 4 November 2012

Karwa Chauth, a tedious fast observed by Indian women:

It was just the other day on 2nd November when Indian women in India, and even elsewhere in the world, where there are people with Indian origin, observed a fast known as Karwa Chauth vrat. The married woman observe this fast for the safety and welfare of their husband. They don’t even take water during their fast. Even Muslim ladies in India observe this fast and join rejoicings after the it is over. The famous mythological story of Savitri-Satyawan is recited on the occasion mostly by the women folk themselves who assemble at a selected place for the purpose. Savitri was the wife of Satyawan. Satyawan died but Savitri by observing an intense fast was able to bring life back to her husband. All the women, who observe fast on Karwa Chauth, do remember the courage and determination shown by Savitri taking her as their role model. This festival, in many places, is also known for Savitri and Satyawan.

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