Friday, 16 November 2012

A positive move on curbing eve teasing:

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (India) deserves thanks for initiating certain measures directed to curbing the ever continuing menace of eve teasing. A new telephone line 1090 named as Woman Power Line has since been introduced to facilitate contact by the complainants immediately the moment they are given an unwanted call by some teaser. This call shall be attended by a woman staff who will be supposed to pursue the matter till it is given a finality by suitably punishing the caller concerned. The important feature of this service is that the identity of the girl or a woman concerned will not be disclosed publicly. Diwali in India is followed by Bhaiya Dweej when girls and women in a large number have to move from one place to another to perform the teeka ritual by putting a tilak on the forehead of their brothers. Taking advantage of the festival, the teasers find it much feasible to target their victims. This service is supposed to be quite useful in handling mainly the ugly telephone calls. This shall be much better if similar service is provided to handle the eve teasing in the streets, the markets, the colleges or universities in general, where such a ugly menace is more common.

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