Monday, 12 November 2012

A very very HAPPY DIWALI:

Diwali, actually called Deepawali, is most eventful a religious celebration observed throughout India and even in many a countries abroad. It’s not only celebrated by the followers of Hinduism, others in different places do it equally. It is Deepawali for the reason that it is the festival of lighting. Most of the houses all over are well lit with different kinds of lights inside and in front of it. The mythology says that this is the day when the Goddess Lakshmi bestows the gift of prosperity to its devotees. She is bountifully worshipped by its devouts on this occasion. This year it is falling due tomorrow the 13th of November, but the function continues for several days together. The business community celebrates it by worshipping, besides the Goddess Lakshmi, their business icon selected for the purpose. For example, if it is some business man dealing in shoes, he will keep a shoe as an icon in his place of worship in the house. Dealers in liquors do the same thing. On this count, their object of worship differs from business to business. Likewise, an educationist prefers to worship some particular book selected for the purpose. Many use their account books in this connection. I can’t say for which selection go the black money holders, black marketers, mafia tycoons, cheaters and habitual rapists, or say even rogue politicians. If some one asks me about my choice, I would certainly say ‘yes’ to my laptop.

On this auspicious occasion of the great festival, I wish peace to the world. I wish prosperity, felicity and all happiness to my readers, followers, viewers and visitors to my blog. A VERY HAPPY DIWALI.


garv said...

A nice message, we too wish you a happy diwali

dns1 said...

I also wish "A VERY HAPPY DIWALI."

Mysonnets said...

Sir, a very happy diwali to your also.

veepee45 said...

Before I write my comment on the Blog I WISH YOU VERY VERY HAPPLY DEEPAWALI.As far article is concern it is also very and fine message for the people in general. The Blog is not only fine,its last three lines are quite admirable because these lines are having in it selves a deep meaning and sense.